A Sausage Themed Hotel Has Opened And It’s Incredible

A Sausage Themed Hotel Has Opened And It’s Incredible

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First they came for ourmilk, and we said nothing. Then they came for our eggs and we said nothing. Then they came for our cheese and we said nothing.

Withthis year marking a record-breaking Veganuary, it would seem the carnivore’s days are well and truly numbered. These are dark times indeed.

But one man is taking finally taking a stand against the the vegetarian tide and defending the rights of the simple sausage. Kind of.

This lone bastion of the banger is butcher Claus Böbel, whohas opened up a hoteldevoted to honest sausage and quite franklyit looks incredible.

Guests can enjoy sleeping under 'air-dried' sausage during their stay. Credit: PA

Tucked away in southern Germany, obviously, this rustic getaway is covered top to bottom in Bratwurst-themed wallpaper, bedding, and even sausage-shaped pillows to lay your head on at night.

If that wasn’t enough though, there even dried-out sausages hanging on the walls, so you can nod off to a delicate meaty aroma.

Named BB&BB, the hotel in the Rittersbach region of the country, is the Mecca for any sausage connoisseur.

According to the website, the four Bs in the hotel’s name stand for Böbel, the hotel’s owner, Bratwurst, the name of the restaurant which only serves sausages – even the ice cream is meat flavoured – bed, where guests can ‘sleep under the bratwurst sky’, and breakfast, which you guessed it, consists of just sausage.

The rooms are covered top to bottom in Bratwurst-themed wallpaper. Credit: PA

And if you want to fit a bit of work in during your stay, the hotel’s website also says there is a boardroom perfect for businesses looking for a space to hold important meetings.

But the fun doesn’t stop with the quirky rooms and the meat heavy menu, there are plenty of activities for guests to enjoy during their stay at BB&BB.

Böbel also runs a butchers and guests are invited to take part in culinary lessons where they can learn all about how the sausage is made, have guided tours of the butcher’s shop, and obviously enjoy tasting sessions.

Guests can even enjoy sausage-making workshops and tasting classes. Credit: PA

If somehow by the end of your stay you are still craving some pork, then you can visit the hotel’s shop and pack your case with as many sausages as you can fit, before you leave.

(At the moment passengers are allowed to bring meat products on a plane, as long as they are travelling between EU countries. However, with Brexit on the horizon whether this will be the case in a few month’s time remains to be seen.)


Proof if it were needed that heaven does in fact exist.

For more information or to organise a stay,click here.

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