Gamers Fuming As Xbox Live Is Down Again

Gamers Fuming As Xbox Live Is Down Again

1 hour ago 7.3K  Shares Gamers Fuming As Xbox Live Is Down Again Fri Feb 01 2019 18:07:31 GMT+0000 (GMT) Fri Feb 01 2019 18:50:36 GMT+0000 (GMT) Claire Reid Claire Reid in  Technology Powered by Xbox Live is down for the second time this week and gamers are fuming.Thousands of users have taken to Twitter…

XboxLive is down for thesecond time this weekand gamers are fuming.

Thousands of users have taken to Twitter to complain that the online system isn’t working again and that they are being met with a notice saying there has been a ‘0x87dd0006 error’.

Gamers have been venting their frustrations on social media, with many threatening to switch to a rival console due to the issues Xbox Live has had recently.

One angry customer wrote: “Think it’s time to sell my Xbox and get a PS4.”

Another posted: “Xbox one sucks. Every time I get on the Internet there’s some type of Microsoft core problem or some issue preventing me from playing. Bull shit. PS4 here I come.”

Others are demanding compensation following the outages.

“Everyone should get a free month of Live after this,” one said.

Meanwhile, others still have suggested that credit should be added to users’ accounts.

On the official Xbox Support account, the company has said it is aware of the issue and is currently working on fixing it.

On Wednesday, Xbox Live users found they were unable to get online acrosscross the UK and Europe as well as the US, which, of course, prompted many angry responses online.

At the time, one pissed-off user posted: “Totally UNACCEPTABLE that our @Xbox systems (I own a One X) @XboxP3 is BRICKED because your service is down! I can’t play games I OWN or access a system I OWN because you are using Live as DRM. ADDRESS THE ISSUE.”

Xbox has kept customers informed with updates throughout the outage, so if you’re struggling to get online, it’s worthwhile clickinghere– to see the latest on the official Xbox Support account or check out the status page, headhere.

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