Nintendo bringing Dr. Mario to iOS, Android this summer

Nintendo bringing Dr. Mario to iOS, Android this summer

Enlarge / The logo for Dar. Mario World.Nintendo / Twitter reader comments 15 with 12 posters participating, including story author Share this story Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Reddit Nintendo announced last night that it will be bringing the classic color-matching puzzle game Dr. Mario to Android and iOS devices in 60…

The logo for<em>Dar. Mario World</em>.
Enlarge/The logo forDar. Mario World.

Nintendoannounced last nightthat it will be bringing the classic color-matching puzzle gameDr. Marioto Android and iOS devices in 60 countries asDr. Mario Worldearly this summer.

Nintendo said the game will be “free to download with optional in-app purchases” but didn’t go into detail on how exactly the monetization system would work. Many mobile puzzle games (such as theCandy Crushseries) use timer-based “energy” systems to limit the amount you can play without paying in a certain period. Nintendo has used similar cooldown timers in games likeAnimal Crossing: Pocket CampandFire Emblem Heroes, though other Nintendo-developed mobile titles have used other monetization methods.

Dr. Mario Worldis being co-developed by Line, a Japanese mobile developer mainly known for the messaging app of the same name. Nintendo had previously partnered with Line for sticker packs in that app but had relied on a partnership with DeNA for games likeSuper Mario RunandMiitomo. Nintendo also owns a five percent share of mobile developer Cygames, which released action-RPGDragalia Lostwith Nintendo last year.

Mario Kart Tour, which wasinitially announced over a year ago, is also currently planned for a launch on mobile phones in mid-2019, according to Nintendo. And theWall Street Journalreported back in 2017that Nintendo was working on a mobile entry inThe Legend of Zeldafranchise, though no details of such a game have been officially announced.

Originally released on the NES in 1990,Dr. Mariohas seen occasional re-releases on various Nintendo platforms over the ensuing decades. The latest of these,Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, hit the 3DS in 2015.

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