UK weather: Met Office warns of -16C snow bomb this Saturday as Brits must to prepare for more snow

UK weather: Met Office warns of -16C snow bomb this Saturday as Brits must to prepare for more snow

WEATHER forecasters have warned Brits to brace for a “snow bomb” with temperatures plunging to -16C today.

Forecasters say the freezing weather system will continue through Saturday before milder air sweeps the nation tomorrow.

UK Weather

UK Weather

Weather charts by WX show parts of the country enduring snow showers.

Weather warnings for snow and ice have been issued for the North East, Southern Coast, Wales, parts of Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland until lunchtime today.

Meteorologist Aldan McGivern said parts of England could also see sub-zero temperatures reach double digits.

He said: “Over Saturday we’ll see some snow showers around the far north, the far west and the far east of the UK.

“Elsewhere it’s a cold day again and feeling especially cold in the south where it will be breezy, but for most it will be dry and sunny.”

He continued: “It’s likely to be very similar to Thursday night – we could get down to -16C in Scotland, but it’s worth bearing in mind that even across the south we could get into negative double figures.”

He said Benson in Oxfordshire was one of the spots predicted to reach -10C or below on Saturday.

The Met Office has warned there is a risk of injury from slips and falls on icy surfaces and to plan journeys ahead of time because there could be delays and disruptions to services.

Temperatures will stay below freezing during the day, before plummeting to the double-digits.

Greg Dewhurst, Met Office meteorologist, told The Sun Online: “There will be a cold, icy start to the weekend on Saturday morning.

“There will be plenty of sunshine around.

“Temperatures will drop to -15C again as the sun will set.”

He added that temperatures in the south and central will stay at –2C to -4C and in Northern Ireland, Wales and the North East of England it will be -6C to -7C.

Wintry showers around coastal parts, the high ground areas across Scotland could see 2cm to 5cm of snow.

Rob Richards and AccuWeather meteorologist said: “A chilly northerly breeze will be blowing across the UK on Saturday with a few wintry showers across Scotland and along the eastern coast of England.”

By Sunday, there will be a change of weather as a system moves in from the Atlantic slightly bringing milder air.

The Met Office warns anyone who needs to travel on today to keep in touch with local weather.

Dewhurst said: “There will be residue snow in places where they had snow and black ice.

“Our advice keep in touch with local weather and local travel to see if there are any disruptions.

“The sunshine on Saturday will melt some of the ice and snow, but as the sun sets the temperatures will plummet again.

“There is a risk that any of the snow or ice that had melted will refreeze and further disruption is likely to happen.”


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