Kinder Has Just Released A Range Of Ice Creams In The UK

Kinder Has Just Released A Range Of Ice Creams In The UK

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Kinderice creamshave dropped in the UK and they’re just everything we’ve ever wanted.

Kinder Ice Cream Sticks. Credit: NewFoodsUK/Instagram
Kinder Ice Cream Sticks. Credit: NewFoodsUK/Instagram

After years of being teased by the knowledge that our European counterparts have been able to enjoy the ice cream goodness, here’s some good news: Kinder Ice Cream Sticks and Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cones are here.

The sticks are 40 percent whole milk ice cream, dipped in Kinder chocolate, and they only contain 62 calories – meanwhile the Kinder Bueno cones might take a few more gym sessions to burn off, as they contain a heftier 204 calories.

Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cones. Credit: NewFoodsUK/Instagram
Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cones. Credit: NewFoodsUK/Instagram

The frozen treats have sent fans into a bit of a frenzy after being spotted by the Instagram accountNewFoodsUK.

One person commented: “I’m so jealous I’ll never get to try any of these things you post fromAsda.”

Another commented: “We need these.”While a third said: “OMG Need to goAsda.”

The ice cream sticks come in a box of ten while the cones come in a box of four, however the former have been specifically targeted at children.

The ice cream treats are the result of a joint venture between Ferrero and Unilever, to create a product that follows the nutritional criteria for children’s ice cream under the Kinder brand.

In the Unilever guidelines it says the ice cream must follow guidelines for reducing fat and sugar while preserving the taste. It must also adapt portion sizes for children and ensure the treat itself doesn’texceed 2 kcal per gram, which corresponds to a low energy density.

There’s also a range of Kinder ice cream sandwiches, which I think might be the best news I’ve heard in ages.

According to Instagram accountinstafoodietwins, the products are currently on sale for £4, although they’re not listed on the supermarket chain’s website just yet. LADbible has reached out to ASDA for comment.

These aren’t the only new frozen treats to have hit the shelves of Asda superstores.

It was recently announced that Cadbury had releasedtubs of Double Decker ice cream– which looks amazing.

A photo of the ice cream was posted to the Instagram accountkevssnackreviews– run by a bloke called Kev who goes out on the prowl to hunt down the newest, greatest snacks so we don’t have to (aka our hero).

Sharing the new find with the world, he wrote: “New Cadbury Double Decker Ice Cream with chewy nougat core £3 atAsda.”

It doesn’t appear to be available on theAsdawebsite just yet – or anywhere else for that matter – but no doubt soon it’ll be in freezers in homes across the UKpretty soon.

Cadburyactually releasedDouble Decker ice cream a short while back – but in individual bar form, rather than a big tub.

Featured Image Credit: NewFoodsUK/Instagram

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