Man Who Has Slept With 150 Women Says He’s Only Used A Condom Once

Man Who Has Slept With 150 Women Says He’s Only Used A Condom Once

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A man who says he has had around 150sexual partnershas admitted to only using a condom once.

JJ, who has worked as an escort, appeared on E4’sThe Sex Clinic, where he said he’s bedded 30 women in the past six months but that when it comes to sexy time, he doesn’t use protection.

He arrived at the clinic after having a threesome with two pals and ended up confessing to not being a fan of condoms.

The man appeared on E4's The Sex Clinic to have an STI test. Credit: E4
The man appeared on E4’s The Sex Clinic to have an STI test. Credit: E4

“Thinking about it now, that’s bad, isn’t it?” he said. Yes, yes it is, JJ.

Speaking to nurse SarahMulindwa,he added: “I’ve been paid for sex. I served drinks in a thong and was regularly asked for extras – it was older women in their 40s or 50s as well.”

But even with paying customers he didn’t use protection, leaving himself at risk of all kinds of STIs, not to mention becoming a dad.

And JJ isn’t alone, either. Heactually broughtalong his mate Patrick, who says he has slept with around 20 to 30 women in the past 12 months following a break-up, which is all well and good, but like his buddy, Patrick doesn’t always use protection either.

He revealed that he hasn’t had a sexual health check in three years, before saying: “I am a little worried, if I’m perfectly honest.

“I am not the safest of humans when it comes to protection.

“On a night out, you’re drunk and the element of safety is not something I care about at all.”

Elsewhere on the show, 20-year-oldCallumalso confesses to not using condoms, claiming that he finds them ‘stressful’ and a ‘proper passion killer’ – not as big a passion killer as chlamydia, mate.

Callumhas slept with 20 women in the past year and says he has a ‘phobia’ of condoms.

He told nurse Kevin: “I’ve got a phobia of condoms. Every time I put one on it doesn’t work. It’s not me that’s scared of them, it’s my dick that’s scared of them.

“I know you should use them for your sexual health, but it kills my buzz.”

Explaining his phobia,Callumadded: “If someone asks me to use a condom, I get all flustered and go red. I feel like I’m back in school in sex education when you’re trying to put one on a banana, except it’s a floppy banana.”

Kevin recommended thatheshould help himself to get over his phobia by using a condom before masturbating.

No excuses now,Callum.

Perhaps surprisingly, all the men on the show tested negative for STIs.

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