​ASOS Is Selling Some See-Through Trousers For £40

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We’ve all got our preferences when it comes to fashion, and even within the world oftrousersthere’s a lot to consider. Zips or buttons? Baggy or tight-fitting? A classic black shade or something that’s a bitmore jazzy?

But there’s one thing I always want mytrousersto do, and that’s to cover my legs up. Seems like the least I should be asking for, right?

Apparently not – as proven bythese see-though trousersASOS is currently selling.

The trousers are on sale on ASOS for £40. Credit: ASOS
The trousers are on sale on ASOS for £40. Credit: ASOS

The ‘sheer organza combat trousers in white’, which come from Flounce London and cost £40, are ‘wafer thin and sheer as you like’, according to the ASOS website.

Made of ‘smooth, crisp organza’, the trousers feature a high-rise waist and are designed for those days that ‘call for a little extra’. Looks like a little less, to be honest, but sure.

They have nice little side pockets, too – although it looks like these are see-through as well, so you probably wouldn’t want to go stuffing any snotty tissues in there.

The trousers don't exactly leave much to the imagination... Credit: ASOS
The trousers don’t exactly leave much to the imagination… Credit: ASOS

One person who had spotted the trousers on ASOS tweeted: “I love ASOS but why on earth would you wear that?”

Another commented: “Might as well wear clingfilm.”

If see-through trousers aren’t your thing, maybe you might want to opt forthese aysmmetrial jeansinstead?

For the best of both worlds... Credit: Ksenia Schnaider
For the best of both worlds… Credit: Ksenia Schnaider

Yep, for the absolute steal of $375 (£290) you can wear jeans that are half normal, half flared, letting your fashion choices meet the best

These bad boys are the creation of designers Ksenia and AntonSchnaider, known professionally as KseniaSchnaide.

SchnaidertoldVogue: “My partner, AntonSchnaider, said that it was toocrazyand no one needs jeans like this, so I abandoned this idea for a couple of seasons. But a few months ago, I realized that at least one person needs such jeans – me!”

Or you could just go for the double flare with a pair of boot-cut jeans, whichGQsaid were making a comebacknot too long ago – much to our horror.

Balenciaga designerDemnaGvasaliais said to be the man spearheading the boot-cut revival that no one asked for, having recently included the style in the brand’s ‘lookbook‘.

In the article on the bootcut’s comeback, GQ wrote: “It’s apretty tallorder to get fashion-savvy men wearing flared-out denim again, but if anyone could do it, it’sGvasalia.

“He is, after all, largely responsible for turning the bulky dad sneaker from fashion faux pas into certified banger.”

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