February 12 Is ​The Top Day Of The Year Is To Get Dumped

February 12 Is ​The Top Day Of The Year Is To Get Dumped

4 hours ago 0  Shares February 12 Is ​The Top Day Of The Year Is To Get Dumped Mon Feb 11 2019 13:16:48 GMT+0000 (GMT) Mon Feb 11 2019 17:04:32 GMT+0000 (GMT) Jess Hardiman Jess Hardiman in  News Powered by While many of us are preparing for a big day of romance on 14 February,…

While many of us arepreparing for a big day of romanceon 14 February, it seems love might not be in the air anymore for some people – as tomorrow is apparently the top day of the year to get dumped. That’s right, just two days beforeValentine’s Day… Harsh.

12 February has been dubbed ‘Red Tuesday’, as it’s the peak day for dumping, according to new research.

The study found also that more couples will split up in the week in theweek of Valentine’sthan any other week of the year, with more than a third of people asked (37 per cent) admittingthey had brokenupwith a lover in that time frame.

The vast majorityofpeople prefer to end a relationship without meeting their partner face-to-face, the most popular method being a simple text – chosen by 31 per cent of respondents – followed by a phone call (28 per cent).

Just 27 per cent prefer to do it in person, while others prefer Facebook(8 per cent), WhatsApp (4 per cent)orover Twitter (2 per cent).

Mind you, the results come from a new survey of 2,000 people,adating site for married people... So, yeah, the numbers might be just a tad skewed there.

The site also found ‘Red Tuesday’ is one of the peak days to see an illicit lover ahead of Valentine’s, but thankfully eight out of 10 (78 per cent) would still choose to spend actual Valentine’s Day with the regular partner. How good of them, eh?

16 per cent, on the other hand, will decide to leave their regular partner in the lurch and go out on a date with the lover on 14 February. spokesman Christian Grant said: “The period between Christmas and February is a popular time for people to spring clean their love lives as well as their homes.

“This period of reflection reaches its peak in the week before Valentine’s when there are more break-ups than at any other time of the year.

“For lots of people, it is easier to call time on a relationship rather than pretend everything is fine and tell lots of white lies.

“Dumping someone electronically is rising in popular with three-quarters of people breaking up with someone over the phone rather than in person.

“Everyone will have seen unhappy couples pretending that theyenjoyingeach other’s company on dinner dates on Valentine’s Day.

“What’s more interesting is looking at the body language of couples out on February 11, 12 or 13 – they are likely to be having a lot more fun while having an affair, celebrating Valentine’s together a few days early before returning to their partners.”

Apparently thereason there are so many break-upsduring what is supposed to be the most romantic week of the year isbecause Valentine’s Day makes people think aboutwhether their relationship is really working.

Oh, and it’s easier to call it quits ahead of Valentine’s – saving a money on a giftand alsonot having to make false declarations of love.

Who said romance was dead?

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