The Breaking Bad Sequel Movie Is Set to Come To Netflix

The Breaking Bad Sequel Movie Is Set to Come To Netflix

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We all know aBreaking Badfilmis in production, and we all know this is very exciting, but we didn’t know a great deal more than that… until now.

It looks like the film will indeed be a sequel revolving around Jesse Pinkman, who is played by Aaron Paul. What’s more, it seems the film will air first on Netflix.

The news was reported byThe Hollywood Reporter, whose unnamed source confirmed that Netflix would have first-run rights to the project, before it airs on US television network AMC.

According to the entertainment news outlet, AMC, Netflix and Sony Pictures TV all declined to comment on the matter. Not denying it then, eh? Hmmm…

Creator Vince Gilligan confirmed the project last year and will remain at the helm for the film. In fact, he has been photographed on set in Albuquerque, New Mexico,USA.

Adie-hard fan has been following film crewsin the area and uploading pictures to Instagram accountall_about_saul– and the pictures seem to suggest the film will return to some familiar settings.

Pictures of what appears to be Mike's car have been shared online. Credit: Instagram/all_about_saul
Pictures of what appears to be Mike’s car have been shared online. Credit: Instagram/all_about_saul

Indeed, some of the scenes captured by the keen photographer have led a few online theorists to suggest the film may deploy every filmmaker’s favourite device – flashback.

(Warning: the following containsBreaking Badspoilers – although c’mon, it finished nearly six years ago…)

Pictures of what appears to be Mike’s car point most strongly towards the possibility of flashbacks, because if you recall, Mike died. Sorry to have to re-break the news to you if you’d forgotten. Not sorry to break the news if you haven’t watched it yet – you’ve had plenty of time.

Jesse’s car also appears to have been pictured being towed about the city and crews have been pictured outside his parents’ house. The more devout fans among you may also recognise pictures of the old compound lab and Ed the Disappearer’s vacuum repair shop.

Though, disregarding fan theories, perhaps the biggest indication there might be some flashback involved stems from the fact Bryan Cranston will reportedly be involved… Again, spoiler alert – Bryan Cranston played Walter White in the TV series and he was the main character. And he died at the end… You should know this.

Online film publicationRevenge of the Fansclaimed last month: “Not only will the story find a way to bring back Jane – with whom Jesse had a tragic love affair way back during the show’s first season – but series star Cranston is set to play some sort of role in the new film as well. This, despite both characters having met their ends on the show.”

Whether there’s any truth in this remains to be seen, but I for one hope they’re right.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television

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