What To See At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

Celebrating its 70th year, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us once more and, with its enormous and eccentric arts programme, there’s certainly no shortage of things to see. From performances that will make you laugh to those that make you cry, and the ones that get your toes tapping (or maybe even all three), here’s what to catch in the Scottish capital this summer.

Circa’s Humans

Witness an acrobatic feat as 10 performers from the award-winning contemporary circus ensemble Circa test the physical limits of their bodies. Exploring what it means to be human and how much our species can take, their physical strength translates emotionally as they encourage audiences to reflect on their own burdens in life.

The Paper Cinema’s Macbeth

As a follow up to their critically acclaimed show Odyssey, The Paper Cinema and Battersea Arts Centre have combined animation, music, film and theatre to reimagine Shakespeare’s classic. Using ingenious puppetry, the show will tell the tale of Macbeth in a way that it’s never been told before.



LaPelle’s Factory’s The Black Cat


Twisted and terrific in equal measure, LaPelle’s Factory in association with LittleMighty and In Good Company present a retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s exploration of the psychology of guilt. Watch as two performers reimagine Poe’s classic, reading between the lines of their adapted script to reveal a disturbing darkness.

Sh!t Theatre’s DollyWould

Award-winning duo Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit return to the festival with a quirky show that celebrates their mutual love of Dolly Parton. Adventurous and unexpected, the show is a whimsical departure from the ordinary as it tells the story of Dolly entering herself into a drag lookalike competition.

Luke Wright’s Frankie Vah

Indulging in love and stardom against an Eighties political backdrop, the character of Frankie Vah faces topics such as loss and belief in Wright’s second verse play. Following the success of his multi award-winning What I Learned From Johnny Bevan, this play pairs poetics with the realities of indie success.


FK Alexander’s (I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow

Simon Jay’s Trumpageddon


Who doesn’t love poking fun at Donald Trump? After enjoying a sell-out run last year as a presidential candidate, Jay’s Trump returns having conquered the election. Those looking for a dose of political satire at the festival needn’t look any further, as Jay presents a caricature of the US president that gives the real deal a run for his money.




Al Porter in Campus Maximus