Scientists Reveal Identity Of Mysterious ‘Sea Monster’ Found On Mexican Beach

Scientists Reveal Identity Of Mysterious ‘Sea Monster’ Found On Mexican Beach

Mexican scientists discovered a strange creature roaming close the west shore of the country. However, the beast suddenly washed up on the shore and the scientists were baffled by it. It was close to 7 feet in length and none of them were able to identify it.

The beast had two tails instead of one and fins on both of its sides. Its look caused people to wonder the origin of the beast – no one has seen anything like it before.

The scientists decided to take a closer look and inspect the creature. They were shocked when they realized that the mysterious beast was actually a set of conjoined twins – which explained the presence of extra fins and tails.

A product of miscarriage

They also concluded that the conjoined twins were a product of a miscarriage, which indicated that something went wrong during the pregnancy. They also concluded that the twins were gray whales born January or February this year.

Further investigation showed that the twins were victims of premature birth, which caused them to start a search for their mother. So far, their attempts to find her were futile.

Often hunted for their meat and bones

Unfortunately, gray whales are often hunted for meat and bones, and they have been added to the red list of endangered species. Scientists urge people to share the story and raise awareness about the importance of protecting whales from those who wish to hunt and exploit them.