Why 10-Minute Workouts Actually Work

Why 10-Minute Workouts Actually Work


If 10-minute workouts seem too good to be true, let me tell you, I was just as skeptical as you are right now. These short workouts go against everything I know about burning calories and endurance exercise. However, over the past five years, I have coached thousands of women through my online Pilates programs that focus on shorter workouts and I have seen amazing results.

This shift has affected me personally (hello results) and professionally as I now spend my days creating exercise programs for busy women.

Why 10-Minute Workouts Actually Work


1 // 10-Minute Workouts Remove the Mental Hurdle

10-minute workouts are realistic, practical, and mentally easy to say “yes” to.  Knowing you only have to do 10 minutes removes the mental block that often keeps us from working out and were less likely to skip workouts because they seem more manageable. While long days, kids’ schedules, and changes in plans can often interrupt a plan for “bigger” workouts, you can always find 10 minutes, matter how busy you are.

2 // 10-Minute Workouts Get You Started

We all know that getting started is the hardest part right? Once you get started and remember how good it feels to exercise, you’ll feel motivated to keep going. My clients tell me that they often set out to do a 10-minute ab workout from my YouTube channel and end up tagging on an extra leg, booty, or arm workout too. Whether you do 10 minutes or end up doing 30 minutes, you will feel accomplished and motivated to do it again the next day.

3 // 10-Minute Workouts Can Be Just as Effective as Longer Workouts

Research is showing that short workouts can be just as effective, if not more effective, than longer workouts. This has become increasingly apparent with the popularity of high-intensity interval training, but it can be true for Pilates too. With 10 minutes, you can be more focused on your form, muscle activation, and alignment, which is worth far more than an hour of sloppy, half-hearted movement. Additionally, after just 10 minutes, you will feel more energized, connected to your body, refreshed, and committed to making better choices throughout the day.

4 // 10-minute Workouts Improve Consistency

Almost everyone struggles with consistency. You may be excited and motivated for a season, but in a few weeks, you get busy, bored, or distracted. No matter how busy you are, how far your day goes off course, or how many excuses you come up with, EVERYONE can find 10 minutes per day to care for their body and mind. Exercising for 10 minutes every day over a long period of time is more effective for overall

Why 10-Minute Workouts Actually Work

While it may be hard to break free from the old way of thinking that exercise should be long and exhausting, I encourage you to give 10-minute workouts a try. You just might love the results!

If 30 days feels like too much, start with this 5-day workout challenge Robin created just for us: