50 Kitchen Amazing  Design Ideas

50 Kitchen Amazing Design Ideas

Kitchens are known as the heart of the home: We cook our favorite meals, spend time with our families and socialize – so it’s important that kitchens look and feel comfortable to be around. However, kitchens needn’t be a difficult room to re-design – Design your perfect kitchen (without the need for a kitchen designer) with our incredibly comprehensive ideas list containing 50 unique and stunning kitchen ideas for you to choose from.

Whether you’re preparing for a move to a new house or you simply want to a kitchen remodel, these amazing kitchen ideas will come in handy. Browse this extensive collection and find inspiration from our recommendations on classic contemporary kitchen design, Scandinavian kitchen decor ideas, rustic ideas and minimalist tips and tricks for simple kitchen designs.

Achieving the kitchen design of your dreams is easy if you know exactly what you want. You can effortlessly spice up your kitchen design by adding new small kitchen decor ideas like a pendant ceiling light, kitchenware, wall décor or rugs. For bigger changes, you can invest in rustic chairs or storage furniture. Our new kitchen ideas will certainly have something to suit even the most particular of tastes

Our list is also perfect if you’re after small kitchen ideas – as a small kitchen should never be left out! If you have a small kitchen layout then these kitchen design ideas can be used to their entirety, or elements can be incorporated into your small kitchen to make them appear fresh, uncluttered and updated.

No matter the size of your kitchen, your kitchen remodel will be a success using our comprehensive list of kitchen decor ideas:


I. Classic Beauty

1. Practical & Classy

If you’re a cooking aficionado, you want to make sure that your kitchen remodeling incorporates space and comfort and that you have everything at your fingertips. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics.

For a practical, classic kitchen plan, choose a kitchen with an island and high stools. Keep the color palette neutral for a timeless style and add fresh pops of colour with a few chic golden pendant ceiling lights as a focal point. A white kitchen is fantastic for that fresh and open plan kitchen feeling, whereas a predominantly grey kitchen is perfect if you’re after sophistication and style.


2. Neat & Effortless

If you want to take a minimalist approach to your kitchen design, you won’t go wrong with a duo-chromatic color palette. A predominantly white kitchen is soothing, clean, fresh and ageless. It’s gorgeously complemented by deep blue, which is practical, elegant and easy on the eyes. Think blue kitchen cabinets, blue quartz worktop or navy blue kitchen accessories. If you’re feeling bold, you could even opt for blue kitchen units.

By painting the walls and the ceiling in the same white color, you can make the room seem taller. Use glass décor items (or even a glass worktop) to exude a modern kitchen remodel that appears effortless. Fresh herbs are not only nutritious and delicious but they also look beautiful and make for fantastic kitchen decorative accessories ideas.


3. Understated Charm

Not everyone knows what kitchen styles they prefer. Whether you’re an eclectic or a traditionalist, you can still play around with textures, colors and small kitchen decorations to achieve your personal style. There are no rules for creating your dream kitchen design.

A blush-pink accent pendant ceiling light can be the statement piece to add to your ideal kitchen layout. Pair it with a minimalist designer or vintage kitchen furniture, depending on your tastes. Cream kitchen chairs (or any light neutral wooden chairs) and white kitchen cupboards go together beautifully and create a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for one of the best kitchen layouts for cooking and enjoying dinner.


4. Black & Gold

The combination of black and gold is timeless and especially perfect for a vintage style kitchen. Reminiscent of the art deco style, this color combination looks stunning in a spacious kitchen with wall walls and light colored flooring. Think a gallery style kitchen layout in your own home.

To avoid the matchy-matchy kitchen design style, when using the same color for different objects, make sure to choose different textures. For instance, a matte black island can be paired with glossy black chairs and a granite black sink – thinking along these lines can help you achieve various different kitchen styles to suit you and your home.


5. Elegant & Luxurious

Make those big beautiful kitchens feel royal with the help of furniture and accessories to achieve a contemporary kitchen design. The white shelving and kitchen wall cupboards look expensive and extremely elegant, while the glass panels are functional yet still opulent. It creates a traditional kitchen with a French twist that emanates class.

The grey accessories, grey chairs, and grey island kitchen layout can make the kitchen look very distinguished and refined. The duo-chromatic aesthetic is soothing and makes this ideal kitchen layout look and feel spacious.


6. Traditional & Clean

Choose this design if you are a fan of traditional styles. With simple, white kitchen wall cupboards and cabinets, dark marble worktops and wood effect floors, this kitchen is elegant and timeless.

The delicate chandelier adds the finishing touches and the flowers are a welcome pop of color that makes the room fresh and youthful.


7. Simple & Functional

You don’t need many kitchen color ideas to make your kitchen look welcoming. Black and white kitchen furniture design with glass panels will stand the test of time. This super functional kitchen design offers a lot of storage space, a large sink, and a generous stove.

Add your personal touch by installing a kitchen worktop shelf and displaying your favorite pictures or décor objects. In addition, the shelf can also accommodate recipe books.


8. Lofty & Modern

Spacious kitchen plans can be tricky to furnish and decorate. If space allows you, choose a show-stopping chandelier for your kitchen. It will instantly update the room and make it look splendid.

Clear, clean, white kitchen worktops will always make a kitchen look bigger and neater. For a pop of freshness, add flowers and fruit on the kitchen island. Let the natural light shine on your white kitchen furniture and keep the rest of the accessories subdued.


9. White & Chrome

When in doubt, choose white and chrome kitchen color schemes. This is yet another timeless combination that looks gorgeous and feels comfortable. For a lot of storage, choose tall kitchen wall cupboards and cabinets with glass panels at the top. Display your favorite kitchen decors and keep your kitchen utensils out, where they are easy to reach.

If you can only invest in one piece, let the sink and tap steal the show. By investing in luxurious, reliable pieces, you will reap the benefits of your choice for years to come.


10. Wood Accents

Bring nature into your kitchen design via wood accents. From the modern looking high bar stools to the wood-effect tiles, you can easily transform an austere kitchen into a cozy place where you can cook and dine on a daily basis.

A white island and white kitchen wall cupboards will allow the wood windows and door to shine. Continue the organic theme by incorporating wooden ideas – choose a wicker basket as a condiment holder and a wood cutting board as a kitchen decor piece.

II. Minimalist Elegance

11. Elemental Design

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring. For a simple yet striking kitchen design, choose your furniture wisely and add emphasis in unexpected areas. The super minimalist chairs beautifully complement the simple island that doubles as a dining table.

Add a raw feeling to the room with the help of unfinished wood ceiling beams. Reintroduce a delicate element in your kitchen design by adding round, glass pendant or country kitchen lights that will really bring the room together and are functional as well.


12. Futuristic Touch

When you don’t want a colorful kitchen, spend some time playing with bright kitchen lighting in your kitchen (without overpowering the space, or your eyes!). Install fixtures to highlight specific areas and complement them with glossy finishes and straight lines.

To avoid having an austere, impersonal kitchen, add small plants on the island for warmth and an organic pop of color.


13. Simple & Alluring

Even a small kitchen can become functional, neat and beautiful. When you don’t have a lot of space to play with, make the most of your small kitchen design with our amazing tips.

Narrow, tall, cream fitted kitchen cabinets make organization a breeze (and really open up your kitchen). The island can be used as a workspace, dining table or kitchen storage cupboard.


14. Space Grey

Choosing monochromatic kitchen furniture can be tricky. But pair it with the right lighting and floorings featuring an intricate design and it will look sublime. If your kitchen is small, the best lighting for a small kitchen to compliment your monochromatic kitchen color schemes are spotlights or one statement light with shade.

This space grey minimalist kitchen looks neat and futuristic. It’s also super functional and high-tech, with a storage solution for small kitchens and a small but comfortable island.


15. Sheer Simplicity


If you don’t want an overwhelming or overstimulating kitchen, choose muted colors and transparent pieces of furniture – Think glass worktops, glass kitchen shelves or plastic versions of these if you’re on a budget. These transparent plastic chairs allow the beautiful dining table to be the center of attention.

The white, grey, black and brown color palette is earthy and organic. It creates a relaxed, calm atmosphere and creates the illusion of matching kitchen appliances.

sheer simplicity


16. Stylish Lines

Add an interesting touch to your kitchen design with the help of a white brick wall. The texture is unexpected, however, the color keeps it simple and sophisticated. The lush, retro kitchen dining room combinations create a beautiful contrast with the super minimalist, glossy kitchen cupboard designs.

Flowers always add a fresh pop of color and blend in effortlessly with any style and other kitchen decors.


17. Neutral & Pragmatic

Make the most of your spacious kitchen by installing roomy kitchen wall cupboards to hide all of your utensils, glassware and other tableware. The super clean lines of this kitchen furniture create a beautiful frame for the wood windows that allow a peek at the garden.

Since natural lighting is scarce, make sure to install appropriate lighting sources to keep bleakness at bay.

Neutral & Pragmatic


18. Light Coloured Wood

Create a simple, effortless and timeless design in your galley kitchen with the help of white kitchen cupboards, white walls and light coloured wood floors. Use light fixtures to your advantage and add points of interest within your kitchen planning.

Keep the kitchen worktops clutter free for a neat look and add a sumptuous vase to keep the room from feeling too bare.

Light Coloured Wood


19. Chrome & Wood

Embrace minimalism and futurism with the help of silver furniture, chrome appliances, and wood textured wall panels. Choose granite worktops or granite floors for an organic touch that will tie the entire room together.

If you have a stunning view, give it enough space to shine and turn it into the focus point of the kitchen design and layout.

Chrome & Wood


20. Glossy Turquoise

A minimalist style doesn’t have to exclude colors for kitchens. These turquoise wall kitchen tiles give new life to the room and make it look fresh and exciting. The rest of the kitchen decor is muted and simple: white kitchen cupboards, marble worktops, chrome appliances, and transparent glass decor items.

 Glossy Turquoise


III. Rustic Touch

21. Earthy Tones

Invite natural elements in your kitchen and choose exposed brick walls and terracotta color schemes. Create minimalist shelving and decorate with earth-toned pots and vases. A chrome stove will blend in with the exposed brick.

The dainty pendant ceiling lights don’t overwhelm the room and are just above the super practical island that serves both as a workspace and storage unit.

Earthy Tones


22. Rustic & Chic

When rustic accents meet Parisian touches, this is the result. Imposing kitchen decors comprises unexpected elements that work together to create a unique, functional and ideal space.

The chandelier is understated yet noticeable and classy. The lamps are heavy and grandiose, balanced by the simple, unpretentious kitchen island.

Rustic & Chic


23. Brass Accents

Nothing says rustic better than a wood ceiling and rough sawn wood beams. Coupled with the faux furs and brass details, this kitchen design style is homey and extremely cozy.

The statement piece is the intricate, urban chandelier that is striking but not overwhelming the kitchen wall units and other surroundings.

Brass Accents


24. Bricks & Wood

This rich kitchen design comprises an exposed brick island that dominates the whole room and sets the tone for opulence. Paired with dark wood beams and dark oak kitchen cupboards, this rustic kitchen feels earthy and welcoming.

The brass chandelier is the perfect addition to the room, adding a romantic, warm touch.

Bricks & Wood


25. Dark Wood & Warm Brass

If you want to aim for a warm kitchen, embrace wood furniture and don’t shy away from using different colors. The beauty of this kitchen lies in the various types of wood used and the brass details that beautifully complement the island, the country style kitchen doors, and wooden floors.

The pops of reds, yellows and green keep everything within the kitchen design plan organic and balanced.

Dark Wood & Warm Brass


26. Natural Wenge

A uniform look can easily be achieved with the help of natural wenge for kitchen furniture ideas and ceiling beams. For a change of texture and colours, choose glossy black walls tiles. These create a gorgeous contrast with the wenge shelving and white porcelain dishware.

Natural Wenge


27. Antique & Turquoise

This is an unconventional combination of colors for kitchens – turquoise, exposed brick, and rough sawn wood beam creates an eclectic design that is inviting and mesmerizing at the same time. The hidden lighting fixtures make the room seem taller and emphasize the wooden accents.

The stove and fridge are unobtrusive due to the chrome finish, while the other kitchen decors are kept to a minimum.

Antique & Turquoise


28. Charcoal Grey & Distressed Wood

Natural wood elements add a warm, cozy feeling to any kitchen. These two natural elements complement each other effortlessly and make this kitchen look modern and eclectic. The retro ceiling pendant light is a fun, youthful addition and brings the room to life.

The white walls and muted floors allow the pieces of designer kitchen furniture to be the center of attention.

Charcoal Grey & Distressed Wood


29. Intricate & Creative

Creative kitchen ideas are notorious for being impractical and fussy. But this is not the case here. This original kitchen design completely reinvents the space and the dining area. The unconventional ceiling brings the rustic element to the table, while the chandeliers and chairs reinforce the practical touches of the room.

This kitchen is practical and warm due to the earthy color palette and the natural wood table and island. The chrome appliances fit in perfectly and don’t overwhelm the rest of the pieces, leaving the ceramic terracotta floor tiles to tie everything together. These are absolutely perfect kitchen colors for 2018!


30. Baroque & Lush

The ornate furniture pieces in this kitchen really make it stand out from the crowd. The wooden kitchen cupboards steal the show but remain practical and easy to use, allowing you to have all of your utensils at your fingertips. The lights add a modern, fresh touch. They’re bulky but don’t make the room feel any smaller.

The white walls, sink, light wooden floors, and marble worktops all work together and act as a blank canvas for the rococo furniture in this room.

Baroque & Lush


IV. Scandinavian Vibes

31. Cream and Wood

Scandinavian designs impress through their impeccable aesthetics that combine minimalism with contemporary touches. In this kitchen design, everything blends in together seamlessly.

The gorgeous two-toned kitchen wall cupboards are functional and easy to use. They match the dining table and dining chairs without looking monotonous. What really brings the kitchen design idea together are the whimsical ceiling pendant lights. This asymmetrical lighting solution is fun yet subdued and can be used in any kitchen both big or small.

Cream and Wood


32. Sunny & Ethereal

The star of this kitchen design idea is the light wooden floor. The same color palette can be found in the kitchen wall cupboards, long kitchen island, and the wall art frame. These clever touches tie everything together and create a pleasant, inviting environment.

The design is minimalist yet cozy. The island is bare and the stools blend in effortlessly. The open kitchen cabinets break up space and make the kitchen feel less rigid and formal.

Sunny & Ethereal


33. Lively & Imaginative

This kitchen design has a lot of personalities. From the whimsical rug and cushions to the pops of green – this space is super lively and practical at the same time (especially with the added open kitchen cabinets). The black cabinets with chrome details are complemented by the white wall tile that helps make the transition to the wooden shelving and chrome range hood.

Everything is at your fingertips in this kitchen. The cute, little chandelier is another creative touch that adds another pop of colour and ensures the place is bursting with positive energy.

Lively & Imaginative


34. Wild & Pure

These kitchen design ideas comprise of dozens of colors and yet it’s not overwhelming for the eyes. This is owed to the simple open white cabinets, the chrome fridge and the dark floors that allow the rest of the items to shine.

The large vase with huge flowers looks refreshing and organic. It ties in with the fun chairs and the earthy toned pots and vases scattered throughout the room.

Wild & Pure

35. Bubble-gum Pink & Mint Green

You can easily create the desired mood through your kitchen design by paying attention to the dishware and the rest of the kitchen decor. In this case, the pink and mint green accents are easy to spot against the black and white canvas.

The super minimal shelves seem like they are floating and create an ethereal look. The sleek black cabinets are simple yet modern and allow for ample storage space. If you’re not keen on black, any form of dark wood cabinets will compliment this kitchen design idea.

Bubble-gum Pink & Mint Green


36. Reinvented Peg Wall

We’re used to seeing peg walls in crafts rooms, but why not incorporate this into your kitchen design? This is a whimsical way of storing your most used kitchen items. They’re always within reach and it never gets cluttered. The peg wall really complements the rest of the kitchen furniture and ties in together with the wooden worktops.

The black kitchen cupboard knobs, the sink, and the chairs add a contrasting effect that pops from this lightly colored kitchen.

Reinvented Peg Wall


37. Simple & Warm

Every corner in this small kitchen serves its own purpose. With a bit of creativity, even a small room can become functional and cosy. The small, white wall tiles manage to make space look taller. The mini-island serves as a dining table and storage unit. It also allows you to hide away the chairs when they’re not in use.

The beautiful orange-toned wood makes the room warm and welcoming. It pairs beautifully with the green plants and the white cabinets.

Simple & Warm


38. Tall & Neat

Spacious kitchens have the advantage of being sunny and having tall ceilings. In this case, the height of the room has been used for installing tall and modern kitchen cabinets that offer plenty of storage room. The messy-chic island adds a pop of color without overpowering the space.

The rest of the pieces are subdued but not dull. The entire kitchen is lively and super practical.

Tall & Neat


39. Stark & Alabaster

For large kitchen ideas, this style is ethereal and super spacious thanks to the white floors, walls, and ceiling making everything blend together smoothly. This tiny, rustic-looking small kitchen design with island has a white kitchen wooden worktop that breaks up the spaces and keeps it from being too dull.

The white wall tiles are simple and times while the lower oak kitchen wall cabinets provide an ample storage solution for small kitchens.

Stark & Alabaster


40. Geometric Shapes

In this kitchen design idea, the eye is immediately drawn to the glass doors and the glass ceiling pendant lights. The two weren’t used coincidentally. Combined with the wooden kitchen table and the white wall tiles, the style of this room is modern, chic and timeless.

The silver and white appliances look beautiful but are unobtrusive. The wall art adds a personal touch and is kept simple, in black and white.

Geometric Shapes


V. Urban Chic

41. Modern & Utilitarian

Black accents and wood are never a failing combination. This urban kitchen design looks effortless yet sophisticated. The island works as a table and kitchen storage cupboard. Its top and legs easily make it stand out from the crowd and give the entire kitchen an elevated design.

The wooden accents in the room are reminiscent of the rustic style while the bright kitchen lighting options bring an urban touch.

Modern & Utilitarian


42. Industrial & Chic

Everything in this kitchen design idea spells industrial chic. From the exposed brick wall and the reclaimed wood kitchen table to the urban dining chair, the lights and the two-toned wood worktops, all of the elements work together to create the perfect industrial style.

The color palette in the room is very harmonious and complementary. The dark, deep tones are balanced by the chrome appliances and the white walls and floors.

Industrial & Chic


43. Silver & Charm

Eclectic, industrial and original are the best ways to describe this whimsical kitchen design idea. The writing on the walls is just the cherry on top of the cake.

The fridge is disguised as a phone booth, the light peach modern kitchen cabinets are asymmetrical, the dining table is rustic and the ceiling is light wood. Extravagant and unusual, this kitchen design idea is definitely not for the conservatives!

Silver & Charm


44. Retro & Nostalgic

If you want to surround yourself with retro kitchen decors, you will fall in love with this industrial kitchen design idea. The unusual lighting, cabinets styles and designs are just some of the many beautiful pieces that make the kitchen unique.

Comfort and practicality are not sacrificed. The kitchen is fully functional and offers a lot of storage solutions.

Retro & Nostalgic

45. Blue & Mustard Hues

Yellow and blue complement each other and look gorgeous in this kitchen. The unique kitchen floor lino grabs the attention and the colors can be found again in all the other decorative items.

A true industrial masterpiece, this unique kitchen design is flavourful, modern and refined. The black touches add a masculine effect while the tall ceiling makes the room feel imposing.

Retro & Nostalgic


46. Raw & Essential

Your eyes are bound to fall on the unpolished, country kitchen lights that add an industrial touch to the entire room. The striking chairs, the ladder and the grey peeking through tie all the kitchen decor ideas together and make it look impeccable.

The black, red and white color scheme is modern and elegant. It will stand the test of time and never go out of style.

Raw & Essential


47. Mismatch & Asymmetry

This kitchen design idea is not for the faint of heart. From the mismatching chair and lights to the different shelves and writing on the cupboards, this is a brave kitchen design that doesn’t sacrifice practicality.

The simple color scheme comprises black, white and wood, which makes the style pleasant and inviting.

Mismatch & Asymmetry


48. Movie Set

If you’re a fan of futuristic kitchen furniture design and you don’t value practicality over design, then this recommendation will suit your lifestyle.

The star of this room has to be the large wall art. The unconventional cream kitchen island is the runner up. There is not a lot of room for storage in this kitchen, which does sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.

Movie Set


49. Unveiled & Forest Green

This roomy industrial kitchen design comprises elements from various styles. The urban forest green light fixtures complement the industrial, chrome island.

The minimalist kitchen furniture design is super practical and manages to tie the room together. If you want to achieve an eclectic style, draw inspiration from this idea and adjust the suggestions to the space you’re working with, your needs and preferences.

Unveiled & Forest Green


50. Edgy & Striking

The color scheme in this kitchen design idea is warm, yet the style is edgy and unapologetic. The open space kitchen blends in with the other rooms. The light colored wood cabinets are simple and practical.

The black wood worktops and black range hood bring masculine touches to the kitchen but are still functional and modern.

Edgy & Striking