Delicious zucchini buttermilk, cheese and potato in the oven

Delicious zucchini buttermilk, cheese and potato in the oven

Today’s recipe that we share with you is wonderfully delicious zucchini, potato, cheese, and garlic butter. The good thing about them is that they become even more delicious than fried, but they are healthy because they are cooked in an oven.

Necessary products (do not give a specific amount because it depends on your preferences and number of people) are the following – potatoes, zucchini, cheese, two eggs, garlic, fresh parsley.

First, cook the potatoes and crush them, and the courgettes are grated on a grater and left for about ten to fifteen minutes until the water is released, then squeezing them and mixing them with the potatoes. Inside, put the crushed cheese and then the chopped garlic and parsley as well as the eggs.

Add pepper and salt, then stir the mix well to make it homogeneous and homogeneous. Then make the meatballs, which one by one oval in flour and then in a broken egg and place in a baking tray in the oven.

The stove should be preheated to 220 degrees and let the meatballs bake until they taste red and get the soft and ethereal crust on top.

It is good to consume them slightly gently as the topping is at our wish – maybe the vegetable salad, we can make a garlic sauce or whatever comes to mind. Guaranteed you will love it, because it is really scary tasty and melting in the mouth.

We wish you all good appetite and be sweet!