Tasty meatballs on grill

Tasty meatballs on grill

Meatballs are a tradition in Bulgarian kitchen, prepared on grill, pan or cooked, with their incredible taste they enjoy us in weekdays and holidays.
The shape of the meatballs is different from the flat to the ball. They can be prepared with or without occasion. With minced meat or coarsely chopped, with spices or cheese, they will grab you.

For preparing meatballs, mince is the most important. It can be buffalo, donkey, pork or game meat. The mince can be ground or chopped into small pieces.

In each country, meat mince is cooked differently. For example, Turkey uses cow’s and lamb mince, and we bet the pork.

The flow of this time and the accumulation continues with the attraction of different kinds of spices, eggs, cheeses and gifts of grated potatoes.

I love traditional meatballs, which we prepare many more species. Instead, which is not related to neurosis, it is added that they can not take advantage of them.

You can add more mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, precious eggs, grated potatoes, beer, peppers and many more.

But now we will offer you a traditional way to prepare our Bulgarian grilled meatballs.
Let’s get to work.


1. 0.500 gr of pork mince

2. 1 red onion

3. 1 slice of bread

4. 1 egg

5. Salt

6. savory

7. fresh parsley

8. cumin

9. black pepper

How to prepare grilled meatballs:

We start with mince. We take fresh pork mince mix 60/40. I put in a tray and make a hole in the middle. There is the egg, we put the red onion cut, the bread slices deliberately and drained, salt, a little savory, cumin and pepper to taste. Cutting and slicing of retail and fresh parsley.
We mess very well with the spices and let it stay in the refrigerator for at least one day.
From the so prepared mince, we make the same bigger meatballs.

Start firing on a grill that is cautiously heated. We put on it a red onion cut into two.

Before you put the meatballs on the grease spreader so they do not stick.

So you can do it so you can serve with a custom garnish and close the whole family.

Enjoy your meal!