​The Dark Knight Is Still The Highest Rated Superhero Film Of All Time

​The Dark Knight Is Still The Highest Rated Superhero Film Of All Time

1 hour ago 0  Shares ​The Dark Knight Is Still The Highest Rated Superhero Film Of All Time Thu Jul 18 2019 14:20:42 GMT+0000 (UTC) Thu Jul 18 2019 14:21:31 GMT+0000 (UTC) Jess Hardiman Jess Hardiman in  Entertainment Powered by Despite being released a whopping 11 years ago, 2008's iconic Batman flick The Dark Knight…

Despite being released a whopping 11 years ago, 2008’s iconic Batman flickThe Dark Knightis still the highest rated superhero film on IMDb.

The second film in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, it was released as a sequel to 2005’sBatman Begins,and saw Christian Bale reprise his role as the caped crusader alongside the likes of Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman.

Most notably,The Dark Knightintroduced actor Heath Ledger to the franchise, where he was able to give a career-defining performance as The Joker – just before his untimely death mere months before the film was released.

Heath Ledger as The Joker. Credit: Warner Bros
Heath Ledger as The Joker. Credit: Warner Bros

Many people have been remembering the film, marking the 11thanniversary of its release on Twitter to celebrate itslasting legacy.

One person tweeted: “Eleven years ago today, we were blessed with not just the best superhero movie – but one of the greatest films of all time. There has never been a better Joker, Batman, Two-Face, & even Lt. Gordon in DC’s cinematic history. Happy birthday to the best sequel ever, THE DARK KNIGHT!!”

Someone else wrote: “11yearslater and THEDARK KNIGHTis still one of my favorite movie-going experiences.”

Anothersaid: “TheDark Knightis11yearsold and it’s still one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen.”

A third wrote: “TheDark Knights****all over any Marvel film. Not just thebestsuperherofilm ever, but one of thebestfilms ever!”

While the film is often praised for various elements – Bale’s dark and brooding Bruce Wayne, its high-speed convoy scene, to name just a few – there was one thing on most people’s lips as they left cinemas in 2008: Heath Ledger’s Joker.

The role proved so momentous that he was even awarded the Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actor that year – tragically, a posthumous accolade, as he’d died after suffering accidental intoxication from prescription drugs.

In order to effectively convey the warped psyche of the character, Ledger had prepared extensively, even exiling himself from social interactions in order to develop a disturbing mindset.

In the documentary,Too YoungToDie,Heath’s dad, Kim, said: “He pretty well locked himself up in a hotel room for weeks. Hegalvanisedthe upcoming character.

“That was typical of Heath. He would do that. He liked to dive into his characters, but this time he really took it up a notch.”

Still, some 11 years later and both the film and Ledger’s performance have proved unstoppable – having been released in the same year that Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe properly kicked off withIron Man… I mean, if the MCU can’t knock something off the top spot after all this time, then let’s face it, what the hell can?

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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