​YouTuber Gives More Than $1m To People Willing To Do Bizarre Tasks

​YouTuber Gives More Than $1m To People Willing To Do Bizarre Tasks

21 minutes ago 0  Shares ​YouTuber Gives More Than $1m To People Willing To Do Bizarre Tasks Wed Jul 24 2019 14:10:07 GMT+0000 (UTC) Wed Jul 24 2019 14:10:48 GMT+0000 (UTC) Jess Hardiman Jess Hardiman in  News Powered by It's no secret that some YouTubers make a frankly FILTHY amount of cash doing what they…

It’s no secret that some YouTubers make a frankly FILTHY amount of cash doing what they do, and while we understand it often has something to do with ads and affiliate links, it’s all still a bit of a mystery for us (penniless) mere mortals.

But there’s one YouTube star who’s decided to switch things up a little, as heactually turns the tables by givinghis money away to people – all they have to do is complete simple, albeit often bizarre, tasks.

Mr Beast(aka Jimmy Donaldson) is known for getting people to take part strange viral challenges, with videos featured on his channel including the likes of‘Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000’, ‘Paying People $10,000 To Eat Ghost Pepper’, ‘Last To Stop Running Wins $20,000’and‘Anything You Can Carry, I’ll Pay For Challenge’.

Of course, the very act of people completing such tasks in turn givesMrBeast content – content being how he generates money, thus creating the pretty smart cycle.

Mr Beast. Credit: YouTube
Mr Beast. Credit: YouTube

According toSocialBlade, his estimated monthly earnings can reach up to £108,200 ($135,130), while yearly he is thought to earn up to £1.3m ($1.6m). That means he probably has a fair bit of cash to play with for the sake of his video content.

While many have speculated that he must have rich parents or some grand inheritance from a random relative, he assures us that all his funds come directly from his vlogging.

Back in December, Mr Beast told The Verge:“If you want the special secret, if you want to know where it all came from – my parents aren’t that rich, I’m only 20 years old, every dollar I’ve ever made came from YouTube, and YouTube just pays better than you think.”

In one of his videos, he also broke down how he’s been able to give away such large sums, explaining how he worked his way up with donations.

“It all started when I got my first brand deal from Quid,” he explained.

“They gave me $10,000 and I was like ‘Woah, that’s a lot of money’, and I immediately went outside and gave it to a homeless person.”

This, of course, was filmed and put out on his YouTube channel, before Mr Beast went on to do the same with increasingly larger amounts of cash – eventually totalling $1m.

That explanation video was posted back in December 2018, and since then he’s gone on to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars more with similar videos, which include a ‘$200,000 YouTuber Battle Royale’, ‘Donating $100,000 To Streamers With 0 Viewers’ and ‘Giving $10,000 To Random People And Saying Nothing‘, meaning the total now far surpasses the million-dollar mark.

He once even gave his mother a cheque for $100,000, which she rejected repeatedly before Mr Beast joked:“If I don’t give it to you, I don’t have a viral video.”

His mum replied: “Soyou’re using me for views?”

Mr Beast said: “Yes, but you get money too, so we’re both happy.”

See? The cycle continues…

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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