Queen’s Speech latest news: Britain’s priority is to leave the EU on Oct 31, monarch says

The Queen’s Speech is in the books. Now the real drama begins.

Boris Johnson has wrapped up his speech, and the House of Commons has begun days’ worth of debate over his Queen’s Speech.

But it’s hard to ignore the reality that this legislative agenda will probably never see the light of day in this Parliament. Rather, it seems a precursor to an inevitable general election.

In any case, we’ll know much more about the shape of British politics at the end of this monumental week.

Johnson is mandated by law to request a Brexit extension at the end of this week unless he has agreed on a deal with the EU by then. He’s pledged, repeatedly, not to request Brexit — but something has to give over the next few days.

We’ll be covering all the twists and turns as Britain creeps closer to a dramatic showdown before the current deadline of October 31.

But for now, we’re winding down our live coverage of the Queen’s Speech. You can read a breakdown of the day here.