People’s Vote march: ‘One million’ anti-Brexit protesters fill London streets

Britons demanding a “final say” vote on Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal were joined by Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart and other celebs

More than a million protesters crammed into the streets of central London to fight for a second EU referendum as Boris Johnson suffered another humiliating defeat, say organizers.

Aerial footage showed extraordinary scenes as throngs of people marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square in Westminster amid a historic showdown in the House of Commons.

Britons calling for a “final say” vote on the Prime Minister’s new Brexit deal were joined by celebrities such as Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart and opposition politicians in one of the biggest protests ever seen in the capital.

Cheers erupted from the massive crowd outside Parliament as MPs passed the Letwin amendment in a 322-306 vote, delaying the approval of the deal and forcing Mr Johnson to seek a delay.

Afloat depicting Dominic Cummings using Boris Johnson as a puppet (Image: SWNS)

But there were ugly scenes later as Tory MPs, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was with his 12-year-old son, and Andrea Leadsom were verbally abused by People’s Vote protesters as they left Parliament under police escorts.

A pal of far-right extremist Tommy Robinson harassed Labour MP Diane Abbott, who was also escorted by police, as she left the rally after speaking to the crowd.

During the protest, one group pulled a float depicting the Prime Minister’s aide, Dominic Cummings, using Mr Johnson as a puppet.

“Demonic Cummings” was written across the forehead of the figure which appeared to be wearing a Nazi uniform, including an armband reading “Get Brexit Done”, and had a Union Jack mustache.

As protesters waved signs, banners and EU and UK flags, Sir Patrick praised the crowd for keeping the fight for a second EU referendum alive.

He said the crowd has proven a second referendum was not the “pipe dream” that opponents have described it as.

Actors Paul McGann (left) and Sir Patrick Stewart
Actors Paul McGann (left) and Sir Patrick Stewart (middle) join protesters (Image: PA)

He told the protesters: “You haven’t just filled a nice bar in north London, you have taken over an entire city. You haven’t just impacted the Brexit debate, you have transformed British politics.”

Sir Patrick added there was “nothing democratic” about the 2016 referendum.

“People weren’t just misled, they were lied to,” said Sir Patrick.

Effigies of the Prime Minister have been held aloft by protesters at the demonstration, with some accompanied by their pets draped in EU flags, on the People’s Vote march to Westminster.

A sign depicting the Prime Minister as The Joker (Image: James Veysey/REX)

A number of celebrities and politicians joined the march, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan pictured alongside Sir Patrick and actor Stephen McGann at the front of the crowd as the march set off from Park Lane on Saturday afternoon.

Television chef Rick Stein shared an image of himself at the march, declaring “We are European”, while Observer food critic Jay Rayner tweeted from the protest: “We march because we have to.”

Protesters made their way through central London to Parliament Square, where Great British Bake Off presenter Sandi Toksvig and opposition MPs, including Labour’s Jess Phillips and Liberal Democrat Luciana Berger, addressed the crowds.

anti-brexiters-London Streets
It was one of the biggest protests ever seen in the capital (Image: SWNS)