Transfer news & FA Cup news conferences

Live ReportingBy Steve SutcliffeAll times stated are UKPosted at 7:127:12Post updateThe back pagesThe GuardianThe GuardianCopyright: The GuardianPosted at 7:097:09Post updateThe back pagesThe Daily StarDaily StarCopyright: Daily StarPosted at 7:077:07Post updateThe back pagesThe TimesThe TimesCopyright: The TimesPosted at 7:047:04Post updateThe back pagesThe Daily ExpressDaily ExpressCopyright: Daily ExpressPosted at 7:037:03Post updateFirst things first. Let’s have a ganders…

Live Reporting

By Steve Sutcliffe

All times stated are UK

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    First things first. Let’s have a ganders at the national newspapers.

    Fair to say Harry Kane gets one or two mentions.

  6. Good morning

    Good morning.

    I’ll be bringing you all the latest transfer news throughout
    the day.

    We will also be hearing from Manchester United manager Ole
    Gunnar Solskjaer and Nuno Espirito Santo later on with the sides due to meet in
    their third-round FA Cup replay on Wednesday (19:45 GMT).

    Right let’s get this show on the road.

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