The Mother Meditation Guided Script

Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you can be free from distractions
As you breathe out, let your hips feel heavy into your seat
As you breathe in, feel a subtle sense of lifting upward through the crown of your head
Let breath guide you into a natural, neutral position with your spine

Stay present with breath as you close your eyes
Breathe gently, slowly and quietly in and out through your nose
Let energy settle, and yet at the same time, feel the alertness of your awareness
It’s clarity, and luminosity

(pause for 3 breaths)

As you sit here with your breath, open up to the possibility that you’ve been here before
You have lived countless past lives
Infinite past lives

And in each of these past lives, you had a mother
And you’ve had infinite past mothers

And so it only makes sense, that all the beings now in this world
Have at one time been your mother
Maybe in a past life,
Maybe in a life one million years ago
But everyone, has been your mother

And as your mother, these beings have all cared for you
Loved you, cherished you.

These mothers spent several months of their own lives carrying you
Through discomfort in body and mind,
Through all sorts of hardships
They did their best to ensure your healthy birth

Once you came into this world as a helpless, completely dependent human child
Your mothers, because of their love for you
Fed you from their own body
Kept you warm and swaddled you
Soothed you and held you
Did their best to ensure your survival

As you grew older, your mothers taught you so many things
How to feed yourself
How to dress
How to tie your shoes
How to speak

Every part of who you are today,
Is thanks to your mothers

Who did everything they could do
With what they knew, and what they had available
To ensure your success

Open yourself to a deep sense of gratitude
For the care and kindness and love
Of your countless mothers

And then notice how your mothers,
Everyone that you see around you today,
Are each hurting in some way

Just like you, your mothers experience hardships and pain
They live in this samsaric existence
Unsure of where to turn for help
Making mistakes that cause them future suffering

But here you are.
Meditating. Learning. Growing.
Becoming more mindful, more aware, and more open hearted with every breath.

If anyone can save all your mothers, it is you

Open yourself again to that deep feeling of gratitude
Aware that everyone you see in this world
Was once your mother
And as your mother, sacrificed so much for you
Gave you so much love

And in that deep sense of heartfelt gratitude
Generate a wish
The wish that you could repay your mothers
Repay them for their kindness
Repay them for their unconditional love, their care

And understand, that there is no one more capable
Of carrying out this wish than you
You can be the one to repay all your mothers
You can be the one to lead them home

Away from their pain and the suffering

You can be the one to show them what a world
Of compassionate, loving, caring and kind people looks like

You can be the one to show them
How to walk a path towards freedom

Say the following wish silently to yourself,

“May I be the one, to repay all my mothers
For their compassion, their kindness and their love.”

And don’t just think it with your head
But feel it within your heart

Feel the wish in your heart of gratitude
Your heart of kindness
Your heart of infinite love.

“May I be the one, to repay all my mothers
For their compassion, their kindness and their love.”

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