Fortnite Season 3 Week 2 Challenge guide


Challenges Take a look at all of the Fortnite Season 3 Week 2 challenges and how to complete them. Published 15 hours agoon June 24, 2020 Fortnite Season 3 is, officially, one week old – at least, as far as challenges are concerned. So far, the lists of challenges have been relatively easy. We haven’t…


Take a look at all of the Fortnite Season 3 Week 2 challenges and how to complete them.


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Fortnite Season 3 is, officially, one week old – at least, as far as challenges are concerned. So far, the lists of challenges have been relatively easy. We haven’t been running around the map, looking for specific items, at least.

The Week 2 challenges go live on June 25 at 9:00 AM EST. Thanks to Fortnite data miners, we were able to take a look at them a bit early. This week, we’ll be scoring goals, using Ziplines, and killing Henchmen. Here’s a look at the full list of challenges for Week 2.

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Most of these challenges are straightforward. The only one that may require a guide is finding Deadpool floaties at The Yacht, but we covered that in a separate article. Scoring a goal, using Ziplines, and shooting Henchmen in the head is easy enough.

If you’re not a regular at The Orchard, you can find it to the north of Frenzy Farm. It’s been on the map since Chapter 2 Season 1. You’ll find apples all around as well as some fruit boxes in the main house. Happy hunting!


All Deadpool floatie locations at The Yacht for Fortnite Season 3.


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June 25, 2020

Fortnite Season 3 is chugging along, with the second week of challenges now available. Most of them are easy enough to complete without a guide, but you can take a look at the full list of them here.

The one challenge that does require a guide is finding Deadpool’s floaties at The Yacht. We had to do something similar last season, but this one will have us searching for the floaties in-game. You could spend your time looking around The Yacht, but the Season 3 Yacht is pretty massive and almost always far away from the first circle.

The first one that you should hit is easiest to access from the air. It’s in the orange container at the top of the stack. The next is at the top of the old Yacht in the Deadpool shrine and the final floatie is on the back deck. Here’s a video from Fortnite Events that shows the exact location of all of the Deadpool floaties.

This is the most difficult challenge for Week 3, which is good news. So far, Epic have been limiting the grind for these weekly challenges. We thought the same thing about last season, but that was before we learned about the Golden Peely requirements.

As of now, though, we don’t seem to have any reasons to grind to level 350 this season. The lack of such a massive ‘enlightened’ skin requirement points to Season 3 ending on time – or at least, not lasting over 100 days. We can only hope!

Epic Games

Professional and competitive Fortnite players are calling out Epic for failing to pay them their earnings while some Content Creators are missing their SAC money.


16 hours ago


June 24, 2020

Epic Games is, once again, under some fire from Fortnite pros who claim to have never received payment for Fortnite tournaments. What’s more, some content creators are even coming out and saying that they haven’t received their Support-A-Creator (SAC) earnings.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve covered Epic Games’ payment issues. Last June, Epic responded to a popular Reddit thread where competitive Fortnite players and pros complained about failing to receive their prize money – often several months or even a year old.

One year later and we seem to be right back where we started. Last week, we saw another Reddit thread blow up on the same topic, showing tweets from PWR Repulse and Liquid Cented, claiming that Epic owes them tens of thousands of dollars.

Since the thread got so much attention, Fortnite YouTuber, ThatDenverGuy, did a bit more digging on the topic and found several more professional and competitive Fortnite players who haven’t been paid. Many of these players claim to have gone through the proper channels – something that Epic mentioned when the first situation took place.

The biggest revelation in the video might be that Epic haven’t paid some of the Creator Code earnings that they owe. YouTubers Landon (3.26 million subscribers) and SkyDiverge (2.53 million subscribers) both reached out and told ThatDenver Guy that Epic owes them for their Creator Code earnings.

As ThatDenverGuy notes in his video, some of the SAC earnings were made through illegitimate means such as taking a popular player’s name and tricking their young viewers. It’s difficult to tell whether or not these SAC issues are related to the alleged “dishonest means” that TDG mentions.

The last time that a story like this blew up, Epic responded and was quick to pay-out some of the people who were owed money. They clarified their system and made it easier for some of the pros to receive back-pay for their winnings. Repulse has even deleted his original tweet and said, “ily @FNCompetitive” on June 23, suggesting that he finally received his payment.

We should mention that many of these issues are only claims on Twitter and don’t have proof attached to them. We don’t know if all of these players went through the proper steps to receive payment, outlined here. We do have some high-profile pros and content creators speaking out on the topic, however. We’ll have to see what happens in the coming days.

Epic Games

Chug Splashes offer some of the best healing in Fortnite Season 3. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the buggier items.


19 hours ago


June 24, 2020

Addressing bugs in Fortnite is a game of whack-a-mole. Epic squashes one issue and two more pop up. Fortnite isn’t unique in this regard. Most other constantly-evolving titles have the same problem.

No one expected Fortnite Season 3 to release bug-free. There aren’t any glaring game-breaking bugs with the update, but there are some small issues that need to be addressed. Thankfully, Epic are staying on top of the bugs and keeping us up to date with their progress.

Chug Splashes were among the returning items in Fortnite Season 3, and they’re also one of the buggies. We’ve seen several reports of Chug Splash-related problems on the r/FortniteBR and r/FortniteCompetitive subreddits. Epic have replied to these posts with the reassurance that they’re working on a fix.

One of the rarer issues is the Chug Splash only healing for 1 HP. Players have encountered this a few times, and one player posted a clip of the bug on Reddit.

Community Coordinator, EmptyTux, commented on this post and said that he’d send it to the QA team for analysis. This isn’t the only Chug Splash bug that players have encountered, however. We’re also seeing issues with this item when used in a bush or in water.

Right now, the issue with using Chug Splashes in bushes is listed as “fixed in next game update” on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board. Let’s hope that the rest of these are fixed in the next patch, as well. Chug Splashes offer some of the best healing in Fortnite. It would be a shame for them to be bugged for longer than a week or two.

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