Leaked Fortnite skin bundle offers Ghost Chaos Agent, Wildcard & more


Leak These leaked Fortnite skins bring Ghost to Season 3. Published 2 days agoon June 25, 2020 Fortnite fans are still waiting on the long list of cosmetics that were leaked in the initial Season 3 patch. Epic have been, understandably, slow to roll them out. They want players to pick up the Battle Pass…


These leaked Fortnite skins bring Ghost to Season 3.


2 days ago


Fortnite fans are still waiting on the long list of cosmetics that were leaked in the initial Season 3 patch. Epic have been, understandably, slow to roll them out. They want players to pick up the Battle Pass first, then head to the Item Shop to spend some extra V-Bucks.

We have seen a few leaked skins and emotes come to the shop, but nothing major. Well, it appears as though a new bundle is on the horizon. These skins will likely come as standalone cosmetics with the option to buy them as a pack – similar to what we saw with other bundles in the recent past.

According to data miner FireMonkey, the bundle will include Ghost Hush, Ghost Wildcard, and Ghost Chaos Agent. Reportedly, these will all be new skins and won’t be available as selectable styles to those who already own Chaos Agent, Hush, and Wildcard.

Via: @iFireMonkey

The Ghost Chaos Agent skin is particularly interesting when you look at the plot of Fortnite. Before Season 3 released, Epic re-released the skin with the message, “It’s not his final form.” Fans wondered about this phrase, and the new skin might be our answer.

Within the plot of Fortnite, it appears as though Midas and Chaos Agent joined forces at the end of Season 2. In Midas’ locker, you could see the golden helmet of Chaos Agent, hanging in his collection. This could be the in-game version of the style.

Plot aside, these are some awesome new skins and look to become some of the more popular sights in Fortnite Season 3 when they eventually come out.


Floppers and Slurpfish could be getting some company in Fortnite Season 3.


2 days ago


June 25, 2020

Fishing was one of the new mechanics when Chapter 2 first came out and has gone through minimal changes, since then. Epic may have tweaked some rates on the backend, but we still have the same loot pool when we go fishing.

It was only a matter of time before Epic started to switch things up on us. We’ve had our Slurpfish, Floppers, and Small Fries for long enough. It’s time to inject some randomness into the loot pool.

On June 25, data miner Hypex tweeted his confirmation of a list of additional fish found in the game files. Strangely, they’re all listed as different kinds of Floppers – although that could change in the future. These are Thermal, Shield, Jelly, Hop, and Fire.

Shield Floppers sound a lot like Slurpfish, but they could offer shield-only healing, which would set them apart. Hypex theorizes that Hop Floppers could point to Hop Rock-style Floppers, which is a good guess, as well. The rest of these are completely open to interpretation.

Leaked upcoming floppers, (h/t @intercelluar) i just checked and these are real, they exist in the fishing spots loot pool but they are disabled, which means epic is still testing them:

– Thermal Flopper

– Shield Flopper

– Jelly Flopper

– Hop Flopper (hop rocks?)

– Fire Flopper

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) June 25, 2020

Jelly Flopper? We have no idea what that’s all about. It sounds like another bounce-inducing Flopper but that’s already covered with the Hop Flopper. The Fire Flopper is another mystery. Could this be a decoy that harms people who eat it? Could it give a similar effect to the Peppers? Your guess is as good as ours.

The Thermal Flopper is the only one that seems to have an obvious(ish), mechanic. We think that this will give you the ability to see enemies within a certain vicinity – something like the Shakedown mechanic for everyone around you.

Of course, we’re not sure that these will even make it into the game, but they’re in the files. We’ll have to see what happens if and when they come out.


This leaked shotgun could change the Fortnite Season 3 meta.


2 days ago


June 25, 2020

Fortnite Season 3 is only a week old, but players are already looking forward to how the season will change. The new season inherently pushes us to look towards the future, with several underwater POIs waiting to reveal themselves.

Apart from the map, the major addition to Season 3 was the Charge Shotgun. At first, most players didn’t like the new weapon. After a few days of testing, though, most competitive players grew to prefer it over the post-nerf Tac.

This season, fans are assuming that Fortnite will bring back some of the Chapter 1 vibes in the form of constant updates. We just saw the Firefly Jar added into the game, and are expecting the Flare Gun to be the next addition.

Data miner Hypex found something else in the game files: another shotgun. The codename for this one is “Dragon,” which is a pretty awesome place to start. According to the files, it comes in Epic and Legendary variants. It appears to be a one-shot shotgun that consumes 4 bullets per shot.

another interesting thing about it, it reloads all the 4 bullets at once rather than one by one

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) June 25, 2020

Unlike the Flare Gun and recently-released Firefly Jar, we don’t have any models for the Dragon shotgun. That likely means that we’re a couple of weeks away from seeing it in-game, at least. Players were disappointed to see the Pump vaulted at the start of Season 3, but this addition could help fill the void.

Epic are, clearly, experimenting with their Shotgun selections in Season 3. We had been in the Pump/Tac meta for a long time, and we’re finally switching things up. Will the Dragon shotgun be the new favorite weapon of Fortnite players? Only time will tell.


Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming cars in Fortnite Season 3.


5 days ago


June 22, 2020

One of the major promises of the Fortnite Season 3 trailer involves cars – something that Fortnite players have been requesting since October when Chapter 2 began. When Season 3 released, however, cars were nowhere to be found.

Epic Games have confirmed that water levels will be lowering over the course of the season. It’s a fair assumption, then, that cars will enter the game once more land is visible on the surface. There are already cars in the game files, though, which means we know a bit about what to expect.

The first thing we know is that these cars will be the first vehicle in Fortnite to require fuel. Petrol will drop as an ammo type and we’ll be able to add it to cars to keep them going.

According to a tweet from FortTory, these cars will also spawn with a random amount of fuel already inside. You could luck out and get a full canister or need to refill after a short trip.

There also appears to be four different kinds of cars that we can use. In the game files, they’re listed as ValetSmall, Medium, Large, and DagwoodTruck. Each car will have a maximum capacity of 100 fuel except the ValetLarge, which will have 150.

Some information about the upcoming new vehicles, the cars. We’ll have 4 types of cars.

– ValetSmall FuelTankCapacity: 100.0

– ValetMedium FuelTankCapacity: 100.0

– ValetLarge FuelTankCapacity: 150.0

– DagwoodTruck FuelTankCapacity: 100.0

— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) June 21, 2020

The health of these vehicles will also go up by size. They’ll be 800 HP for small, 1,000 HP for medium, and 1,200 HP for large. We don’t have word on the health of the DagTruck, just yet.

– ValetSmall FortHealthSet.MaxHealth: 800.0

– ValetMedium FortHealthSet.MaxHealth: 1000.0

– ValetLarge FortHealthSet.MaxHealth: 1200.0

remember that all these stats might change when they will be released in-game.

— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) June 21, 2020

Another interesting tidbit is that the number of vehicles in a match will change from game to game. In the files, there appears to be a minimum of 1 car per match (originally listed as 0, then corrected) and a maximum of ten.

As FortTory points out in a theory, this could change as the water level lowers across the map. We could begin with a single car and expand to 10 as the season goes on.

what if, the more the water lowers the more cars will be spawned. Sounds logical, what do you guys think?

— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) June 21, 2020

We’ve seen land vehicles in Fortnite, before, but nothing as realistic as the cars in the Season 3 trailer. We’re excited to see how these shake up the rotational meta of the new season.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted as to when we can expect these cars and any other details we’ll learn in the coming weeks.

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