Kim Scholefield and daughters Image copyright Rob Scholefield
Image caption Rob Scholefield does not want his children to grow up without their mother, Kim, who has cancer

Car enthusiasts have rallied round to raise money after a man put his prized Ford Mustang up for sale to help fund his wife’s cancer treatment.

Rob and Kim Scholefield were told the cancer was inoperable due to its proximity to the brain, giving Mrs Scholefield less than a year to live.

Mr Scholefield put his car up for sale hoping raise £150,000 for private treatment that may extend her life.

Fellow Mustang owners rallied round and raised about £13,000 within 24 hours.

Mr Scholefield, from Northampton, who is hoping the car may fetch £30,000, said: “As much as I love my car, I can always get another car, I can’t get another Kim.”

Image copyright Rob Scholefield
Image caption Mr Scholefield bought the Mustang 2016 5.0 GT model two years ago

Mrs Scholefield, 48, has been given between six and 12 months to live “unless I can get her the urgent treatment she needs”, Mr Scholefield said.

The 49-year-old described his wife – who he has been with since he was 18 – as “my right arm”.

Image copyright Rob Scholefield
Image caption The doctors have given Mrs Scholefield less than a year to live, her husband said

“This family doesn’t function without Kim,” he said.

“So I am raising as much money as I can, as quickly as I can, so that my two girls are not watching videos of their mum next year.”

Image copyright Rob Scholefield/Facebook

Members of Facebook group Simply Mustangs UK saw his advert and got in touch with its founder saying they wanted to help, raising more than £13,000 within a day through auctions and raffles.

Another Mustang owner set up a Just Giving page saying he hoped Mr Scholefield would not have to sell his car.

Mr Scholefield said he was “humbled beyond belief” by people’s generosity, but he would be selling it.

“We don’t have time on our side, ” he said.

“Kim is a fighter and I will do everything I can.

“I can’t get another Kim, but I can save up for another car.”