Daily Horoscope Overview

Mercury turns direct today, easing communication, while at the same time the Sun trines Neptune, enhancing imagination. It’s a terrific day for writers, artists and poets, and for anyone who wants to make a good first impression. The Cardinal signsAriesCancerLibra and Capricorn, can use this energy to inspire others, while all signs will find it easier to get support for their personal projects. Looking ahead, power struggles on Wednesday make for a day of rising tensions.

 Aries (March 20th – April 19th)

Your energy is bottomless today. This is a surge from the cosmos, so use it well! Instead of running off in whichever direction calls to you first, put a little planning into your day. In fact, it’s a good time to set some plans for the near future. Think forward a month and consider what you’d like to accomplish. Even having these goals loosely in mind will raise your chances of reaching them.

 Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Your sight is fixed on a particular goal. Whether this is for business or just for fun, you can really put your all into it now. Best of all, you have the stamina to keep going past that initial push of ambition or pure excitement. Just make sure you don’t burn out your energy. A plan of attack keeps you from wasting energy by overreaching or making unnecessary moves.

 Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Today’s madcap experiences are right up your alley. No one has to convince you to tap into the spirited vibe that’s currently in effect. You’re feeling pretty frisky, so folks better watch out! In conversation, you’ll tell it like it is. It would be difficult not to; ideas and impressions seem to tumble out of your mouth, utterly unrehearsed. Sure, this might get you into trouble — but it’ll be great fun!

 Cancer (June 21st – July 21st)

You have more energy today than usual, but it can’t be counted on to last. In fact, it’s the quick-burning kind, so use it while you have it! It’s a good day to do something daring — something you wouldn’t normally do, thanks to your innate sense of caution that keeps you on the straight and narrow. Now you can be just a little bit bold, and see your courage pay off.

 Leo (July 22nd – August 21st)

A sense of daring makes you impulsive today — and this is actually a benefit to your work and other pursuits. You’re bold enough to make something happen, even if you’re just winging it as you go! Other people probably can’t tell you’re going on impulse. You’re so vibrantly confident, you make even a tough, tricky undertaking look easy. That’s just one of your many talents, Leo!

 Virgo (August 22nd – September 21st)

The current cosmic energy is the kind that can make you a little sharp-tongued. Your feelings and perceptions are right at the surface of your consciousness, readily accessible. They might even burst out of their own accord, without warning! Do your best not to snap at anyone or criticize them too narrowly. For one thing, mistakes are even more likely now than usual. For another, people are likely to snap right back!

 Libra (September 22nd – October 22nd)

Lots of folks are feeling independent today. The current cosmic influence brings out your leadership qualities, which actually puts pressure on you. Being decisive isn’t always your strong point, since you like to consider all facets of a situation, including the needs of everyone involved, before determining your conclusion. Right now, hasty decisions feel downright reckless. But this is a good opportunity to build trust in yourself. Make your assessment and be firm.

 Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Make an extra effort today to play nice. You’re in a competitive mood, which can easily translate into aggressiveness if you aren’t careful. It’s easy to feel challenged now. In conversation, if someone disagrees with your point of view, you might get combative because it’s hard to remember that differences of opinion are natural and normal. Instead of being hotheaded, do your best to keep your emotions in check, especially your temper.

 Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 20th)

Being spontaneous is extra fun today, because it’s favored by the current cosmic energy. Your energy is off the charts, and you have a nose for adventure. Your only requirement is independence! You need the time and space to find your own path. Strike out on your own and feel your way along. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. They’re all learning experiences that help you understand life better!

 Capricorn (December 21st – January 18th)

Your sense of ambition rises today like mercury inside a thermometer. Suddenly, your goals are not only clear in your mind, they’re incredibly important, as if your life and ego are riding solely on them. You can be a pretty ruthless competitor in any situation, whether you’re in the business world or just playing a game with friends. Do your best to steer clear of outright competition, especially in situations where positive impressions count!

 Aquarius (January 19th – February 17th)

Your independent streak is broad today. You want to do things in your own way, at your own pace — which is likely to be a fast one! That’s part of the reason why you want to go solo now: Hardly anyone can keep up with you as you blaze through your work and other activities. They’ll probably watch you in action, though, and enjoy the blur of motion you create.

 Pisces (February 18th – March 19th)

Be bold today. No, daredevil stunts aren’t really in your nature, and they may not be a good idea now, either. But the current energy boosts your self-confidence, not to mention your energy. It’s easier than usual to take a chance, because you feel optimistic about the outcome. Of course, other people are also feeling bold and competitive now. You may prefer to just sit back and watch someone else in action!