Sleep Meditation – Compassion for Friend and Self

Welcome back to another guided meditation.
Allowing yourself to find a comfortable position in your bed.
Preparing yourself for sleep.

In this practice today we’ll be continuing with the compassion meditation.
And this time expanding and moving our compassion outward onto a broader range.

So, allowing yourself to settle in.
Relaxing your body as if you were releasing all the tension, all the stress and anxiety.
If you could feel it dropping down through your mattress down into the Earth.
Perhaps taking a few deep breaths.
And finding a place of stillness.

And calling to mind this quality of compassion.
Caring for someone who is in a state of pain or suffering.
Knowing that this is a natural human quality, to care for others.
You already have this quality.
We are simply exercising it.

So, bringing to mind someone from your life who you care about and is going through some difficulty or pain or suffering.
Someone from your life who is easy to care for.
You have a natural goodwill for this person, but you know they’re going through some difficulty.

It can even just be some trouble at work. Some frustration.
Or maybe they’re really busy and they feel really out of balance.
Bringing this person into your mind.
Really visualize them.

Get a sense for what they look like.
Maybe starting with an image of them smiling and being in a good state.
And then reflecting on this experience of suffering.

Can you remember when they told you about it.
Or how you found out about it.
And what feeling was it that they were experiencing.
And knowing how hard that must be for this person.

And to send our compassion recalling the phrases.
And silently in your own mind repeating these phrases as you drop into that intention of caring.

My dear friend,

I care about your pain.

I care about your suffering.

May you be free from pain and suffering.

May you be at peace.

Many people find it helpful to visualize being with this person.
Maybe holding their hand, putting an arm on their shoulder or even offering a hug.
Some sign that shows this person that you truly care about them.
You’re not going to leave them.
Going through the phrases again.

I care about your pain.

I care about your suffering.

May you be free from pain and suffering.

May you be at peace.

Can you see the look of relief on this person as they receive your compassion.
Sometimes you can envision warmth passing from you onto them.
Or perhaps a light that shines from you onto them.
Passing this sense of compassion.
Letting the image of that person fade away.

And for this next part, bringing your self to mind.
And reflecting on some aspect of suffering that you’re experiencing right now.
Reflecting on what is troubling you in life.

Maybe a sense of sadness, stress or overwhelm, loneliness.
Connecting with your own struggle and knowing that you are just as deserving of your own compassion as any friend.

And so, we can send these phrases of compassion to ourselves.
Showing our self that we care.
So, if you find it helpful, you can put a hand on your heart or on your belly.
Or just imagine holding yourself as you send these phrases of compassion.

I care about my pain.

I care about my suffering.

May I be free from pain and suffering.

May I be at peace.

Can you drop into that state of just caring for yourself.
Once again, silently in your own mind.

I care about this pain that I’m experiencing.

I care about the suffering in my life.

May I be free from pain and suffering.

May I be at peace.

And inviting any other words or phrases that feel appropriate.
Showing yourself that you care.

May I love myself fully.

May I take care of myself joyfully.

I care.

I’m here to support you.

Letting the phrases drift away.
And perhaps just holding on to that imagery of holding and supporting yourself.
As if you were caring for a small child.
And allowing yourself to drift off into sleep.

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