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Apple launches new iPad line-up, including redesigned Air

Apple has launched a new line-up of iPads, including a redesigned version of the Air.

It borrows from the look of the newer iPad Pro, which have square sides and no home button on the front.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor that was in that home button has been moved into the power button, Apple said. On the Pro, that problem was overcome with the addition of Face ID facial recognition, but that will not be present in the new iPad Air.

The new tablet makes use of new Apple chips that allow it to be 40 per cent faster than the previous model, the company says. That A14 chip is the first of Apple’s processors to use the 5nm process, which Apple said allowed for the chips to be made in ways that “challenge the law of physics”.

Apple also introduced the cheapest iPad – just called the iPad – with new Apple Pencil features and faster chips.

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