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Dept. of Justice opens criminal investigation into John Bolton’s book

Donald Trump’s Justice Department reportedly has opened a criminal investigation into whether his former national security adviser, John Bolton, disclosed classified information in his book about his time working in the White House.

The department has called in a grand jury and issued subpoenas for communications revolving the release of his damning account of Mr Trump’s West Wing and management style, according to the New York Times, citing multiple anonymous sources. The criminal probe escalates the feud between the two men, which spilled into public minutes after Mr Bolton was either let go or quit his job – Mr Trump and Mr Bolton recall those events differently.

Democrats, and some anti-Trump Republicans, have slammed the president for allegedly using the typically politics-avoiding Justice Department to help himself and his friends – and target his enemies. But he and Attorney General William Barr counter that by saying they have not prosecuted a single Trump foe.

That could be about to change, however.

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