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Exorcist actor was given terrifying warning by priest while working on classic horror film

One of The Exorcist‘s lead stars was given an ominous message by a priest while filming the classic horror.

The beloved film, first released in 1973, tells the story of Regan (Linda Blair), a 12-year-old girl who is possessed by a demonic entity.

Jason Miller appeared in the film as Father Karras, one of the priests enlisted by Regan’s mother (Ellen Burstyn) to help her daughter.

However, while working on The Exorcist, the actor was allegedly approached by a real-life priest, who had no knowledge of the film he was working on.

Handing him a medallion, the priest is said to have told Miller: “Reveal the devil for the trickster that he is, he will seek retribution against you or he will even try to stop what you are trying to do to unmask him.”

Jason Miller and Max Von Sydow in 'The Exorcist'
Jason Miller and Max Von Sydow in ‘The Exorcist’(Rex Features)

The role went on to earn Miller an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

It’s just one of many odd occurrences that are rumoured to have plagued the film’s production and ensuing release.

At a cinema situated between two churches in Rome on the day of a screening of the film, lightning reportedly struck a 400-year-old cross, which fell in the middle of the piazza.

The Exorcist, which was re-released 15 years ago this week, was highly controversial upon its initial release. 

Several cities attempted to ban the film outright and, in the UK, it was unavailable to own until 1999.

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