Scotland’s papers: FM’s ‘stick together’ plea as ‘lockdown tightens’

  • 23 September 2020

Image caption Scotland’s papers go all-out in their coverage of the new measures imposed by the first minister. The Herald reports on the ban on household visits – which already covered seven areas across the west of Scotland – being extended to the whole country. The paper says families face “new hardships” as the tough regulations come into force.
Image caption The Scottish Sun gives over its front page to Nicola Sturgeon’s plea to the Scottish people to “stick together” in a bid to tackle a new surge in coronavirus. As well as the household visiting ban, a 10pm curfew will be introduced for bars and restaurants from this Friday.
Image caption The National also leads with Ms Sturgeon’s call for unity. The paper reports on the first minister’s televised address in which she urged Scots to make yet more “sacrifices”, saying that by “staying out of other people’s houses for now, we give ourselves the best chance of bringing Covid back under control”.
Image caption “I am sorry to ask for more” is the splash headline in The Times, as Ms Sturgeon apologies for having to extend Covid-19 restrictions. The FM urged the nation to “keep going, try to keep smiling, keep hoping and keep looking out for each other”.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph goes with the same apology line, while insisting Ms Sturgeon has “copied the tough stance” taken by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had earlier announced tough new measures to MPs.
Image caption The Daily Mail describes the new restrictions as “draconian” and warns that the ban on household visits and group meetings could “ruin Christmas” for families.
Image caption The Scotsman says Ms Sturgeon has appealed to Scots to “make sacrifices for the national wellbeing” after previously warning that coronavirus cases had risen to dangerous levels after some lockdown restrictions were eased.
Image caption Following Ms Sturgeon’s announcement, the Daily Record has an interview with a grieving family who are begging Scots to follow new Covid rules after their father died aged 53.
Image caption The Daily Express warns the ban on home visits could last for up to six months. The paper says Ms Sturgeon’s bid to “regain control” of the virus could ultimately lead to a full Covid shutdown.
Image caption The i also warns the new restrictions – which will be reviewed in three weeks – could last for much longer. It says pubs and restaurants that ignore the new 10pm curfew could be hit with tough financial penalties.
Image caption The Daily Star doesn’t hold back with its splash headline – “Staring into the abyss”. It quotes the leader of a hospitality body saying the tough new rules could be the beginning of the end for many businesses.
Image caption The Press and Journal leads with the ban on home visits, which the government has introduced after listening to scientific evidence that domestic gatherings between members of several households were a major cause of the latest spike in cases.
Image caption The Courier says the new restrictions have sparked unemployment fears as the country prepares for “six more months of pain”.
Image caption The Glasgow Times says the new restrictions announced by Nicola Sturgeon “go further ” than those introduced in England by Boris Johnson.
Image caption The Edinburgh News says local authorities have been asked to step up inspections in hospitality businesses to ensure the correct measures are in place to protect customers and staff.
Image caption The Evening Express leads with a number of students at Aberdeen University testing positive for Covid-19. It is reported that some of the cases could be linked to a party held a few days earlier.

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