Boris Becker faces up to seven years in prison

Boris Becker faces up to seven years in prison

The problems for Boris Becker don’t seem to be over. The former German champion was one of the best tennis players in history and in the course of his career he managed to win six Grand Slam tournaments. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Becker has been accused of hiding financial assets worth 1.2 million pounds and an apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood, and now faces seven years in prison.

Based on the data listed above, there are 19 charges pending against Becker at this time, including those of tax evasion and obstruction of justice. The former world number one yesterday faced the preliminary hearing of the case in question, a case that could give him great problems.

To the numerous articles reported by the most important press organs in the world, Becker responded with a post published on his social profiles. “Innocent until proven otherwise! I deny the validity of the charges against me, I will defend myself with all the legal means I have at my disposal.

I believe in justice. My legal team will prove my innocence in due course ”, were the words used by Becker.

Boris Becker faces seven years in prison, here are the precedents

Already a few years ago there was much talk of the complex economic situation in which Becker was, with huge debts to pay.

In particular, Hands Dieter Cleven, a German entrepreneur, had claimed to have an open credit with his compatriot of about 40 million Swiss francs. This was, at the time, Becker’s reply. “The Zug court did not recognize this sum, which was not even taken into consideration.

Behind this alleged sum there is a very complicated connection inherent in various companies, which Mr. Cleven and I founded together 15, 16 years ago. I met him in 1999 in Dusseldorf on the occasion of the World Cup. He asked me if I was willing to acquire 50% of the Völkl tennis center to promote the brand with my image and, of course, work on the development and marketing of the club.

We agreed that I would not have to pay anything or take any financial risks. At the time I was about to retire from pro and was trying to reorient myself. I wanted to stay in the tennis field. Cleven was like a mentor for me, he gave me a good opportunity to take a first step in this direction.”

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