Lizzo’s Modern Los Angeles Home Has a Life-Size Version of Her Teeny Tiny Valentino Purse

Grammy-winning artist Lizzo recently welcomed Vogue into her Los Angeles home—and the bright and spacious residence is “Good as Hell.” The rapper opened her doors (but not without sanitizing interviewer Joe Sabia’s hands first) for a 73 Questions segment to correspond with her cover for the magazine’s October issue. While there are many delightful home features to fawn over (the Lovesac bean bag in the living room! the peach-shaped neon sign in the kitchen!), one home decor piece is particularly good: a life-size version of her teeny tiny Valentino purse that went viral after last year’s American Music Awards.

The teeny tiny purse makes a cameo in the house tour, too. As she shows off her oak shelves lined with various awards, books, and decorative pieces, Lizzo whips out the miniature designer handbag. “It has everything in it,” she jokes. “My ChapStick, my cell phone, a whole 24-slice box of pizza.” Later, as the rapid-fire questions progress to the dining room and the subject turns to the magic of Black girl nerds (“Shout out to all my Black girl nerds”), a flabbergasted Sabia stops dead in his tracks when he notices the hilarious life-size Valentino.

“Lizzo, what on earth—what on earth is this?” he asks.

“That’s the same bag,” the musician responds. “I just made it big with my mind.” The massive white Valentino is stationed behind her dining table and leaned against the wall. The tour then concludes in a room dedicated to her vast wardrobe—an assortment of floral, pastel, and glitter prints neatly hang from hangers, as well as a collection of high-waisted jeans (her favorite fashion trend that she would never abandon).

Tour the rapper’s bright and cozy Los Angeles home in the segment above.

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