Allow This Plant Company to Send You Some Self-Care in a Box

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Attention, plant parents: one particular Black-owned plant start-up would like to infuse more mindfulness into your lives. The Nice Plant, a company founded by couple Jasmine Nicole and Andre Cisco, offers a collection of plants and plant-based products that prides itself as “self-care in a box.” With whimsical product names like “Prick Me, I’m Dreaming” and “Better Than a Threesome Box,” the collections come with not only plants and succulents galore, but plant-infused products like sage smudge sticks and essential oil room sprays. The brand’s prioritization? Mental health.

Amid a global health crisis, racial injustice protests sparked by police brutality, and climate change wildfires, “self-care in a box” sounds oh so blissful, indeed. The Blooming Energy Box, for example, comes with one succulent plant, one all-natural lip balm, one sage smudge stick, two Palo Santo sticks, and one of the brand’s Ease Your Mind Room Spray, which contains notes of grapefruit, amber, and sandalwood to transform your mood. The product’s one-time purchase price is $41.99, while a monthly subscription costs $35.69. 

“Plants are an intimate part of our lives,” the co-founders explain on the site. “We live with them and care for them—and we want to invite you into a lifestyle filled with calm, tranquil energy and positive vibes.” Nicole and Cisco continue, “The combination of aromatherapy, meditative properties of saging, and ritual practice of watering a living plant can bring clarity, boost creativity, reduce stress or anxiety (or both), [and] change the energy of your space.”

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