Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reminisces With Stone Cold Steve Austin

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reminisces With Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reminisces With Stone Cold Steve Austin

For many of us the days of Attitude Era WWE will always hold a special place in our hearts. Two of the men who made us fall in love with wrestling were The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and now they’re making us yearn for their rivalry all over again.

We’re not the only ones to love a nostalgicreminisce over those pre-wifiglory days,Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnsonand‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austintook to Twitter to gush over their formative years.

First up Austin retweeted a post by @90sWWE that said: “Icons. @steveaustinBSR@TheRock#goodtimes,” along with a picture of the pair toasting beer while in the ring.

The Rock responded with a tweet saying they were the ‘best oftimes’.

He commented: “Best of times.Gimmesix stunners and pop that beeropen..

Credit: Twitter/Dwayne Johnson
Credit: Twitter/Dwayne Johnson

The social media moment has caused a stir, leading to fans of the former wrestling champs toreuniteonce more in the ring with a lot of people simply tweeting ‘Onemore round?’ and some calling for aWresltleManiarematch.

However, it is very unlikely the former rivals will put on their tight pants again and enter the ring for a serious match. According to Ringside News, the publisher and editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter – Dave Meltzer – insists that the WWE legends’ schedule and fitness would never allow them to sign a long-term deal.

He said: “I don’t see them wrestling. I mean Austin, I don’t believe Austin will ever wrestle again I mean it’s been too many years and he’s 53. I don’t see Steve wrestling.


“The last time I saw him, which was a while ago, he was reallybigand he was in good shape. But he’s 53 and the last time he did something physical he got hurt. I don’t see it.”

He added a similar comment about The Rock being too busy with his Hollywood schedule and his age.

“The Rock is the same thing. The last time he did a match he got hurtrealbad and he hasn’t done a serious match since. Now he’s 46 and he’s got that big movie career.

“Could I see either of them doing a spot at a WrestleMania? Of course. A run? No. A match? I mean, one match for Rock possibly but look if Rock was going to do a match it would have been this year.

“It would have been the Ronda match because that’s the match they wanted. When Rock didn’t do that match I got to think that he’s done, unless you’re doing another nine-second match or something like that. But serious match I don’t see there’s too much money in him.”

Others have leaned towards the pair teaming up for film – this seems more doable since Johnson has made waves on the moviescene.

Austin could be set to get in the ring in the near future and with some of his other big rivals. WWE are hosting a huge show in Australia, their Super Show-Down, in which Triple H will take on Undertaker. Trips will have his friend Shawn Michaels in his corner and Taker will have ‘brother’ Kane in his.

The rumour doing the rounds is that Stone Cold will be made the special guest referee, you know because that match needs a bit of star power. We’re giving it all the Hell Yeahs for nostalgia’s sake though.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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