Marvel Screenwriter Alvin Sargent Has Died

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Marvelscreenwriter Alvin Sargent has died aged 92.

The Oscar-winning writer, who worked on the Spider-Man scripts, died in his Seattle home on Thursday.

Sargent, who won Oscars forJuliain 1978 andOrdinary Peoplein 1981, worked onSpider-Man 2in 2004,Spider-Man 3in 2007 and did a re-write for 2012’sThe Amazing Spider-Man.

Tributes have begun to pour in for the screenwriter, who many in the industry say encouraged them to start writing:

His work on the Spider-Man scripts was widely praised, with the late movie critic Roger Ebert writing:“Now this is what a superhero movie should be.Spider-Man 2believes in its story in the same way serious comic readers believe, when the adventures on the page express their own dreams and wishes.

“It’s not camp and it’s not nostalgia, it’s not wall-to-wall special effects, and it’s not pickled in angst. It’s simply and poignantly arealistionthat being Spider-Man is a burden that Peter Parker is not entirely willing to bear.”

Sargent had a number of witty quotes attributed to him, including previously joking:“When I die, I’m going to have written on my tombstone, ‘Finally, a plot.'”

Sargent’s friend Pam Williams broke the news that he died and has said a memorial service will be held in Los Angeles. Instead of flowers, the family has asked for contributions to charity Stand Up to Cancer.

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