Opinion Divided By Aldi’s New Square Sausages

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Good old Aldi has come up with a new product this week – and it’s well and truly split opinion on the internet.

The supermarket came up with an ingenious way of making breakfast ‘a whole lot easier’, by putting sausage meat into squares – dubbing it the ‘Sausedge’.

But many people were quick to jump on the fact that the concept of a square sausage isn’t exactly groundbreaking – including the majority of Scotland, who all waded in on the conversation to have a pop at Aldi.

You see, the square sausage isn’t a new thing. Scotland clocked that a square sausage was a perfect addition to breakfast, where the dish is referred to as a Lorne sausage.

Scottish Twitter users replied with suitably hilarious comments on social media.

Hundreds of people piped up, with one social media user suggesting Aldi is ‘cancelled’.

One person tweeted simply: “They’re called Lorne sausages, ya absolute bawbags.”

Someone else said: “The cheek o’ yis! Scotland can date our Square, or Lorne Sausage back to the 19th C. It is believed to have been named after Lorne (area name is no longer in use) but was located in the current Scottish region of Argyle & Bute.”

That’s Aldi told.

Many were keen to try them regardless, with one girl calling them ‘yummy’.

Then Lidl got involved with a bit of top budget supermarket bants, tweeting a list of stuff that Aldi has invented.

One social media user, Lee H from Dundee, carried on the list saying: “I heard they also invented whisky, Edinburgh Castle and Lewis Capaldi.”

Aldi took it on the chin though, responding that it just wanted to share the ‘Lorne Love’ with the world.

This, in turn, gave way to this legendary exchange…

Perfect, tbh. Credit: Twitter
Perfect, tbh. Credit: Twitter

And this, LADs, is why we love the internet.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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