Snail Elixir – Slime of snails cure sick stomach

Snail Elixir - Slime of snails cure sick stomach

Syrup with snail extract from snails, developed by Bulgarian scientists, is among the hits of the third exhibition “Trust in the Bulgarian”.

snail elixir

The only nutritional supplement in the world with a poisoned elixir treats stomach pain, says eng. Alexander Dolashki from the Institute of Organic Chemistry share with Telegraph newspaper. The syrup snail elixir recalls that in the past elderly people ate raw snails when their stomach hurt.

Snail extract acts as a natural antibiotic and is more effective than drugs to which the human body develops resistance.

Another syrup helps the joints and tendons and prevents their wear. It relieves pain and eliminates inflammation. The third is a kidney and liver cure. The scientists have also developed cosmetic products based on extracts of snails, the most expensive is the face cream. The cheapest is sold soap extract with snail.

snail elixir