Thick and beautiful hair with trivitaminol masks

Thick and beautiful hair with trivitaminol masks

Trivitaminol is a preparation that is a combination of vitamins A, D3 and E. Its main application is the intramuscular injection of animals for a healthier and shiny coat. For this reason you can find the preparation in the veterinary pharmacies and pet shops.

Although it is intended for veterinary use, trivitaminol is harmless to humans. Many of you would look skeptical on a product that is intended for animals, but it is a fact that trivitaminol is becoming more and more popular, especially among ladies.

In the last few years, he has seen his increasingly frequent use in creating home hair masks. Its main feature is stopping hair loss, hair strengthening and faster hair growth.

We have selected two easy trivitaminol masks you can do at home. It is imperative to let it act on your hair for at least a few hours to get the effect. Do not make the mask more often than once a week to prevent permanent hair greasing.

Mask for dry and damaged hair with trivitaminol

2tsp of trivitaminol (if your hair is shorter, use a smaller amount)
2 tsp yoghurt
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp brandy
1 egg

Apply over all hair and cover with nylon and towel on top of it. Let go for at least two hours.

Hair loss mask with trivitaminol

2-3 ml of trivitaminol
1 tsp vodka
1 tbsp quinine water (you can find it at all pharmacies at a modest price)

After a mask with trivitaminol, wash your hair well, at least twice with shampoo, as it has an oily texture that is difficult to wash off.