The 11 Best Razors For Sensitive Skin, In Case You’re Curious

How you decide to remove hair (if at all) is entirely personal—whether you’re partial to a wax, sugar, thread, or shave. For those with sensitive skin, though, that last venture proves tricky: It seems even with the strictest shave etiquette—exfoliating beforehand, shaving steadily in the direction of hair growth, and moisturizing right after—you may still face razor burn, painful ingrowns, and nicks. That doesn’t mean you must surrender the trusty razor! You just need to make sure your tool is suitable for your easily irritated skin. 

To find the best razor for sensitive skin, there are a few components you’ll want to look out for: multiple sharp blades (so it can catch the hairs in one glide), a flexible, ergonomic head, and some even deposit moisturizing ingredients (like shea butter) as they float over your skin. Ahead, 11 options that meet the criteria.

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