Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Available By Year-End, Army Researcher Claims


According to an update from one senior Army researcher,  a coronavirus vaccine could possibly be available in some parts of the country within merely a year’s time.

Army Researcher States COVID Vaccine Can Be Available Within A Year

Per a news release, Director of the Military Infectious Disease Research Program, Col. Wendy Sammons-Jackson, recently stated in a briefing with reporters at Pentagon that it’s “reasonable to expect that there will be some form of a vaccine.”

Furthermore, in a vow made last May 15, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that the U.S. military and other parts of the government would produce a vaccine at scale to treat the American people and partners abroad by the end of the year. And they plan on doing so by collaborating with the private sector. Planning a massive testing effort that would include more than 100,000 volunteers, the scientists leading the efforts plan on delivering a safe and effective vaccine come the end of 2020.

The vaccine may be related to the recent public-private partnership that President Donald Trump made earlier this month since it’s meant to develop a COVID-19 vaccine by year-end in what is being called as “Operation Warp Speed.” Furthermore, there’s also Biotech company Moderna, which stated that it has recently reached a significant milestone just last month due to the fact that the potential COVID-19 vaccine it’s currently testing managed to produce antibodies for all of the 45 participants who were included in the trial.

There’s also another researcher, named Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad, who recently said that we’re right now learning about SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the pandemic, at a much faster pace when compared to other infectious diseases that we went through in the past.

“So, going to a vaccine in a matter of months, from concept all the way to Phase Three clinical trials and potentially licensure is unprecedented. But in this case I think very much is possible,” he said.

Meanwhile, the federal government itself has stated that it plans on testing its own vaccine sometime this summer and has already partnered with international companies in order to do so.

COVID-19 VaccineResearchers in China found that the Ad5-nCoV vaccine against COVID-19 was safe, well-tolerated and effective to cause an immune response against the disease in the first human trials. Pixabay