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‘Dave was icing on the wedding cake’: Dave Chappelle photobombs a Texas couple’s ‘first look’ wedding photos

Dave Chappelle has made an unexpected cameo in a Texas couple’s “first look” wedding photos.

As wedding photographer Anna Szczekutowicz was snapping photos of the bride and groom, named Eleanor and Matt, at the Line Hotel in Austin, the comedian photobombed, much to the couple’s delight.

The groom “showed his emotion right away, and when they hugged, people inside of the restaurant cheered loudly,” Szczekutowicz said.

“I thought this was a reaction to the very sweet moment that Matt and Eleanor were sharing, but seconds later, Dave Chappelle popped out from inside the restaurant!,” Szczekutowicz continued.

“We thanked him and his friends inside the restaurant. It all happened so fast, but we could not stop talking about it throughout the day. We were just at the right place at the right time!”

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Dave Chappelle photobombs a Texas couple’s ‘first look’ wedding photos

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Dave Chappelle photobombs a Texas couple’s ‘first look’ wedding photos

(Photo courtesy of Anna Szczekutowicz)

According to Szczekutowicz, the couple, like so many others, had significantly pared-down their special day due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Considering the challenges they faced planning a wedding during the pandemic and downsizing from 150 guests to 12, this moment really lifted everyone’s spirits and made for a memorable day!”

“It was the most magical day from start to finish and we are so lucky Anna captured every moment and the emotion behind it perfectly,” the bride, Eleanor McLaughlin, added. “Dave was icing on the wedding cake!”

As NBC points out, the comedian photobombed another couple’s photos back in 2018, when he showed up during an engagement shoot in Yellow Springs, Ohio, which is close to where he lives.

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