​Kai The Hitchhiker Faces Life In Prison After Being Found Guilty Of Murder

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Many will remember Caleb ‘KaiTheHatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker’McGillvaryfrom the viral fame he found in 2013 after using a hatchet to save a woman from an attacker – and, of course, theanimated interview he gave in the incident’s aftermath.

Later that year, however,McGillvarywas arrested for the murder of 73-year-old lawyer JosephGalfyJr.

McGillvaryhad metGalfyin Times Square, New York, before returning with him to his home in New Jersey.Two days later, the attorney was found beaten to death in his bedroom, wearing only underwear and socks.

NowMcGillvaryface life in prison forGalfy’sdeath, afterjurors in New Jersey’s Union County convicted the Canadian of first-degree murderon Wednesday 24 April.

“This was a brutal, vicious, senseless crime, and we are pleased that the interests of justice have been served,” prosecutor Monahan said in a news release from the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

Caleb McGillvary. Credit: Union County Prosecutor's Office
Caleb McGillvary. Credit: Union County Prosecutor’s Office

McGillvaryhas alleged that he acted inself-defence, having claimedGalfyattempted to sexually assault him while he slept.

According toNJ.com,McGillvary’sdefenceattorney, John Cito, said police had failed to properly investigate the claims of sexual assault.

However, prosecutors have rebutted this, saying that claims ofself-defencecould not be argued after considering the extent of the bodily harmGalfysuffered.

Calling the country medical examiner to stand, the court heard howGalfyhad ‘three skull fractures, four broken ribs and severecontusions’.

NJ.com journalist Sophie Nieto-Munoz said McGillvary gave an ’emotional, outburst-filled testimony’ on the last day of the four-week trial.

Following his arrest several years ago,McGillvary’sfather, GilMcGillvary, said his son was born and raised in Edmonton.

Speaking to the Associated Press from his home in Hawkesbury, Ontario, he explained he only had sporadic contact with his son.He had last seen him in 2010, having lost custody when Caleb was eight, shortly after he and his wife divorced.

Gillvaryis set to be sentenced on 13 June for the first-degree murder charge.

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