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Covid: Just 22 countries on quarantine hotel list, Boris Johnson announces

Britons returning from only 22 “red list” countries will be forced to quarantine in hotels, prompting criticism that the crackdown is too weak.

Boris Johnson confirmed the Australian-style plan – requiring people to pay thousands of pounds to isolate for 10 days – but has rejected calls to introduce it for all arrivals.

With travel from those 22 countries – in Southern Africa and South America, plus Portugal – already banned, it means the crackdown will, at least initially, apply only to returning Britons.

In the Commons, Mr Johnson said returning Britons would be required to “isolate in government provided accommodation, such as hotels, for 10 days without exception”.

“They will be met at the airport and transported directly into quarantine. The Department of Health and Social Care is working to establish these facilities as quickly as possible,” MPs were told.

Intriguingly, Mr Johnson chose to make the announcement himself, rather than leave it to his Home Secretary, Priti Patel – who had pushed for a much tougher policy.

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