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Biden news – live: President orders 200m more vaccine doses as lawmakers say ‘dumb luck’ saved them from rioters

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Joe Biden has held his first call with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, pressing his fellow president on the poisoning and arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin’s apparent involvement in a cyberattack last year that compromised the files of multiple US federal agencies and the Russian military’s alleged bounty scheme against US troops in Afghanistan.

The new US president is eager to set a new tone in relations with Russia, its Cold War adversary throughout the second half of the 20th century, after his predecessor, Donald Trump, routinely gave Mr Putin the benefit of the doubt.

Republican senators lost a vote in the upper chamber on Tuesday seeking to block Mr Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial as “unconstitutional”, given that he is no longer in office, but the vote appeared to confirm Rand Paul’s contention that the matter is “dead on arrival”, with insufficient GOP support to convict the 45th president for inciting insurrection at the US Capitol earlier this month.


Taylor Greene indicated support for executing Democrats, report says

The QAnon-supporting Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly backed the execution of leading Democrats in 2018 and 2019 Facebook posts before winning election to Congress herself.

Democrats have, understandably, wasted little time in calling for this shameless publicity-seeker’s immediate resignation.

Graeme Massie has the latest.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 12:15


Tucker Carlson defends QAnon believers

Fox News also has plenty of questions to answer about its support for the nonsense Trumpian conspiracy theories surrounding the election that riled up the mob that stormed the Capitol.

One man who has clearly learned nothing from the events of 6 January is Tucker Carlson, who is once again stoking controversy by likening media criticism of the QAnon cult to government censorship of the mind.  

“There’s a clear line between democracy and tyranny, between self-government and dictatorship,” he declared on his Fox show. “And here’s what that line is. That line is your conscience. They cannot cross that. Government has every right to tell you what to do. No democratic government can ever tell you what to think. Your mind belongs to you, and it is yours and yours alone.”

Graig Graziosi has more.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 11:55


‘The Capitol invasion could have greater political importance than 9/11’

The House Appropriations Committee yesterday held a briefing from law enforcement officers on the failure to prevent the US Capitol riot on 6 January that left its members “stunned” by what they heard, according to CNN.

The panel’s chair, Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat, told the network that members were “shaking their heads in disbelief” at the details of the security breakdown that led Trump supporters to storm the building, breaching its defences for the first time since 1814.

Acting US Capitol police chief Yogananda Pittman admitted during the session that her department knew there was a “strong potential for violence” targeting Congress but did not take appropriate steps to prevent it.

“They had the information. They did not act on it. And a question that I have, and one that I think we need to get to the bottom of, is who made the decision not to act?” DeLauro told CNN.

“People said today that there was ample evidence, that the intelligence agencies had ample evidence, that an angry mob was going to descend on Washington with Congress’ meeting to certify the election as the intended target.”

Matt Cartwright, a Pennsylvania Democrat who also participated in the hearing, told the same network, “It was only by pure dumb luck that elected officials, staffers and more Capitol policemen were not killed.”

For Indy Voices, here’s Patrick Cockburn on the broader significance of the assault against democracy for which the 45th president is answerable.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 11:35


Biden’s inauguration was third most-viewed in TV history

Only Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremonies attracted wider audiences, according to Nielsen data.

For a man who makes value judgements based solely on potential TV ratings, Donald Trump will be white with rage when he hears this news at Mar-a-Lago.

Shweta Sharma has the full story.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 11:15


Biden cites George Floyd murder as ‘turning point’ for country

The president cited George Floyd’s murder by a policeman in Minneapolis last May as a “turning point” for the country as he signed a string of executive orders to tackle racial equity on Tuesday.

Biden said he was acting on racial injustice and discrimination because “not only it is the right thing to do but we will all be better off for it”.

He signed executive orders stopping the Department of Justice from renewing contracts with private prisons and others aimed at ending discriminatory housing practices, respecting sovereignty of tribal governments, and fighting xenophobia against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the wake of Covid-19.

“In my campaign for president I made it very clear that the moment had arrived as a nation where we faced deep inequity in the American system that has plagued our nation for far too long,” Biden said.

“Those 8mins 46 secs that took George Floyd’s life opened the eyes of millions of Americans and millions of people all around the world.

“It was the knee on the neck of justice and it stirred the consciousness of tens of millions of Americans and it would not be forgotten. In my view it  marked a turning point in this country’s attitude towards racial justice.”

Graeme Massie has this report.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 10:55


Kamala Harris receives second dose of Covid vaccine

The veep and second gentleman Doug Emhoff each received a second dose of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday.

Harris sat for her shot at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and urged “everyone to take the vaccine when it is your turn.”

“It is really pretty painless, and it will save your life,” she said.

Moments after receiving the jab, she reflected on her “full circle” moment: returning to the same facility where her mother, a breast cancer researcher, had worked.

Alex Woodward has more.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 10:35


Anthony Blinken confirmed as secretary of state as Janet Yellen sworn in

 Biden’s nominee for US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, has been confirmed by the Senate, after a bipartisan confirmation vote with a final tally of 78-22.

Lawmakers, including some Republicans, have said that they want Biden’s national security team in place as soon as possible. 

Avril Haines and Lloyd Austin have already been confirmed as director of national intelligence and secretary of defence respectively.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee moved the nomination forward to the Senate floor after Blinken received strong bipartisan support, with the committee voting 15-3 to proceed with his confirmation.

Meanwhile, new treasury secretary Janet Yellen took her oath of office on Tuesday, sworn in by vice president Kamala Harris, as the Biden cabinet continues to take shape.

Gustaf Kilander reports.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 10:15


Biden orders 200m extra Covid vaccine doses

The Biden administration has purchased an additional 200m coronavirus vaccine doses from Moderna and Pfizer in an effort to vaccinate 300m Americans by the end of summer.

“This is enough vaccine to fully vaccinate 300m Americans by the end of the summer, beginning of the fall,” President Biden said on Tuesday when making the announcement.

The federal government has already received a commitment of 400m doses between Pfizer and Moderna. The additional purchase from the two companies, which the country will receive by the summer, would bring the federal government’s total stockpile to 600m doses. Since each vaccine requires two doses, that means 300m Americans could potentially access the jab in the summer months.

“The end goal is to beat Covid-19, and the way we do that is to get more people vaccinated,” Biden said. “Which means we have to be ready after we hit the goal of 100m shots in 100 days.”

“By the end of the summer, I hope that you have too much vaccine left over, that you have too much equipment left over… I hope that becomes the problem,” he added.

Danielle Zoellner has more.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 09:55


Veteran Democrat due to preside over Senate trial hospitalised

There was drama after yesterday’s vote as Democratic senator Patrick Leahy, the US Senate’s senior-most member and president pro tempore, was taken to a hospital “out of an abundance of caution” after he began feeling ill.

The 80-year-old, set to preside over the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, was “not feeling well” at his office at the US Capitol on Tuesday, according to a statement.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the Attending Physician recommended that he be taken to a local hospital for observation, where is now, and where he is being evaluated,” it read. 

He has since returned home.

The senator is third in the presidential line of succession behind vice president Kamala Harris and House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Alex Woodward has this report.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 09:35


Republicans lose vote to stop Trump impeachment

Republican senators lost a vote in the upper chamber on Tuesday seeking to block Mr Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial as “unconstitutional”, given that he is no longer in office, but the ballot appeared to confirm Rand Paul’s contention that the matter is “dead on arrival”, with insufficient GOP support to convict the 45th president for inciting insurrection at the US Capitol earlier this month.

The vote to table the measure passed by 55-45, with just five Republican senators – Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Pat Toomey – among those breaking GOP ranks.

The bickering is unlikely to stop there.

Alex Woodward has this one.

Joe Sommerlad27 January 2021 09:15

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