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28 Sheet Cake Recipes You’ll Want To Eat Right Out Of The Pan

28 Sheet Cake Recipes You’ll Want To Eat Right Out Of The Pan

30 June 2019 TRENDS


AGerman Sweet Chocolate Sheet Cakeyou can share along with one of your favorite fun facts: this cake isn’t named after the country, but after the person who developed the chocolate!


A from-scratchFunfetti Sheet Caketo celebrate momentous occasions, or even just a random Tuesday. Sprinkles make everything better.

Zan Passante /sugarandcharm.com

The butter meringue frosting isn’t as sweet as some typical vanilla ones — just creamy and delicious.

Get the recipe atSugar and Charm.


ABlueberry and Nectarine Upside Down Sheet Caketo take advantage of the best fruits of the season. Ok…to see the pretty fruit on top you *have* to take this one out of the pan, but it’s worth it.


And on a classic yellow cake base, this bb is simply sweet. Make up some fresh whipped cream to serve along side, because why not?!

Get the recipe atThe Kitchn.


AChocolate Mousse Sheet Cakefor a double whammy of desserts. And I’m sorry, but you’re legally required to shave chocolate on top.


Heavy whipping cream *and* mini marshmallows come together for this fluffier-than-fluffy mousse frosting.

Get the recipe atI Heart Eating.


ARed Velvet Sheet Cakepaired with a perfectly tangy cream cheese frosting. You’ll turn as bright as this cake when everyone compliments you on the excellence of your baking.


The icing has buttermilk in it for extra zip, but you can swap for regular milk if you like it more on the classic side.

Get the recipe atI Heart Eating.


ACinnabon Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cakerecipe I’m printing out and carrying with me at all times to prove once and for all that yes! Cake is a breakfast food.


Just swirl the cinnamon-sugar mixture through the batter with a toothpick for a gorgeous (and more importantly, delicious) result.

Get the recipe atOh Sweet Basil.


AFresh Strawberry Sheet Cakewith a sweet secret trick baked right in: strawberry puree in both the cake batter *and* the cream cheese–based frosting.


Went a little overboard at the farmer’s market berry stand? This is the perfect thing to make. The puree comes together perfectly in just a few quick pulses of a food processor, too!

Get the recipe atButternut Bakery Blog.


APeanut Butter Sheet Cakeyou’ll never be mad at when it gets stuck to the roof of your mouth. Going at this with a spoon=even better than going at a PB jar with a spoon.


AMatcha Fudge Sheet Cakefor a stunning presentation to feed a crowd, without a whole lot of extra work. Just pipe the matcha buttercream on in little swirls — even if they get a little messy, it’ll still look great!


AYellow Sheet Cake with Fudge Frostingthat’ll have you calling up everyone you’ve ever met to see if they have a birthday coming up. *Anything* to have an excuse to make this classic cake .


ATres Leches Sheet Cake, because thanks to the namesake ~three milks~ this bb gets soaked with, it’s basically FOOLPROOF. Overbaked? Still going to be incredibly moist.


The key is to poke holes, then drizzle with the three-milk mixture (coconut, condensed, and evaporated). It’ll all get soaked up for the moistest cake you’ve ever had.

Get the recipe atThe Food Charlatan.


ATexas Turtle Sheet Cakethat’s just as over-the-top as you are — in the best way possible. Traditional Texas cake is great, but adding caramel and your favorite nuts? That’s even better.


The recipe mentions this cake is even *better* the next day, so you better save yourself an extra piece before your friends & family gobble it up.

Get the recipe atI Am Baker.


AHummingbird Sheet Cakethat’ll make you go “hmmmmmmmm” in delight after every bite. You won’t even know you’re doing it; it’ll just happen. That’s how tasty this is.


AZucchini Sheet Cakefor the most delightful way to eat your veggies yet. I’m definitely about to get my seven servings a day in.


AButter Rum Sheet Cakethat’ll (lit’rally) ooze perfection, thanks to the namesake sauce drizzled on top in lieu of icing.


Texas Marshmallow Sheet Cakewith a chocolate-and-mini-marshmallow icing you just poooouuuuuur on top. In the words of Ina herself, “How easy is that?!”


ABrown Sugar Peach Sheet Cakethat starts with your favorite yellow cake box mix — and then takes it to a whole nother level with fresh peaches and a brown sugar caramel icing.


AThin Mint Chocolate Poke Caketo bring back all the nostalgic feelings of your childhood. After poking holes in the cake, drizzle a chocolate pudding mix to saturate the cake, then top with a mint Cool Whip topping and crumbled Thin Mints.


ACarrot Sheet Cakeyou can slather with that perfect-looking cream cheese frosting as thickly as you like. My vote? Thiiiiicccckkkkkk.


If you’re one of those people who likes nuts or raisins in your carrot cake, 1. you’re wrong, and 2. you can totally add those in.

Get the recipe atDelightful E Made.

These recipes: perfect for feeding a crowd! Me:


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