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Current soap storylines that seem awfully familiar – digitalspy.com

Current soap storylines that seem awfully familiar – digitalspy.com

3 July 2019 NEWS

If you watch your favourite soaps for long enough, there’s every chance you’ll see some frequent topics cropping up – and we don’t just mean the usual staples of affairs, doomed weddings and shock stunts.

Here, we’re taking a playful look at seven current storylines that do seem awfully familiar. Although don’t worry, soap bosses, it’s not always a bad thing…

1. Gary the killer (Coronation Street)

Corriebosses have crowned Gary Windassas the show’s next antagonistand they certainly aren’t messing about, as he has found himself responsible for the deaths ofRana HabeebandRick Neelanin the space of just a few months.

The show will no doubt be delivering plenty of dark twists and turns as the body count slowly starts to stack up and we see how far Gary will go to keep his sinister crimes under wraps. And let’s face it, it beats storylines abouthorses on the looseandLorraine Kelly’s holiday being ruined.

Even so, die-hardCorriefans may well get a feeling of déjà vu after watching the similar adventures of Richard Hillman, John Stape, Karl Munro andPat Phelan. Forget Weatherfield mayor, ‘local serial killer’ seems to be the most-coveted position on those cobbles.

2. Kat’s missing money (EastEnders)

Kat Moon and Kush Kazemi argue with Martin and Stacey in EastEnders


EastEnderscurrently has a fresh sense of momentum and more interesting storylines in the mixwith its new team in charge, but one new plot does bring back bad memories of a far less interesting era:the mystery of Kat Moon’s missing money.

Kat was recently horrified to discover the loss of the £50,000 that Alfie had originally borrowed from Phil, continuing the Albert Square tradition of piles of money going walkabout.

When Aidan’s cash disappeared last year, Sharonwas the unlikely culprit responsible. Then when £15,000 disappeared from the E20 safe,it was Lee Ryan from Blue whodunit. Are we as gripped by this storyline third time around? It’s debatable…

3. Lee’s mum arrives (Emmerdale)

Wendy confronts Victoria Barton in Emmerdale


Emmerdalestar Isabel Hodgins has done a fantastic jobwith Victoria Barton’s current emotional storyline, which has given her a long-deserved chance to take centre stage in the soap.

With that said, the “twist” of rapist Lee’s mother Wendy coming to the villageto cause trouble for Victoriadoes remind us an awful lot of a story from two years ago.

When Rhona reported her evil husband Pierce to the police for raping her, his mum Martha soon popped up and started terrorising her. Martha revealed that she was backing Pierce all the way and cruelly ordered Rhona to stop telling “lies” about her son – sound familiar?

4. Andrea pretends to be Dee (Neighbours)

Madeleine West as Andrea Somers in Neighbours

Channel 5

WhenNeighboursrecently announced the “shock spoiler” that Andreawill pretend to be Dee again next week, there were just as many groans and grumbles from fans as excitement.

You can’t fault Dee’s lookalike for her persistence – she posed as Toadie’s dead wifefor two whole months in 2017, then claimed to be her again the following year while receiving treatment at a psychiatric facility. Third time lucky, perhaps? And if Dee is now “Karen”, maybe it’s just easier for everyone if Andrea does replace Dee? Just a thought.

5. Mercedes in danger from a serial killer (Hollyoaks)

Mercedes and Breda McQueen in Hollyoaks

Lime Pictures

Why doHollyoaksserial killers always seem to have it in for Mercedes? Well, the simple answer is that she’s one of the show’s most popular characters, so the writers know the audience will actually care when she’s placed in all manner of terrifying situations.

Poor Mercy is currently in danger from bonkers Breda McQueen, who keeps wondering whether to break her traditionof killing bad dadsby doing away with a bad mum instead.

Breda is probably biting off more than she can chew, though: Mercedes has managed to see off sly Silas Blissett, devilish doctor Paul Browning and syringe-wielding killer Lindsey Butterfield in the past. Sorry Breda, our money’s on Mercy…

6. The factory staff rally in a roof-related crisis (Coronation Street)

Sarah Platt has news for the factory workers in Coronation Street


The Underworld roof has caused the factory staff plenty of sleepless nights in the past couple of years.

In 2017, scheming Adam arranged for some associatesto break into the businessand steal everything – including the roof. The bizarre incident formed part of Eva’s revenge against Aidan and left the Underworld workers jobless for a while. Fortunately, they soon rallied round to start up their own business in the interim, even buying some new machines to keep themselves in work.

This year, the pesky roof was at the centre of all the trouble again after Gary sabotaged it, causing carnage in the factory and the tragic death of Rana Habeeb.

Once again, the factory staff have proved to be an inspiration to us all with their reaction to a crisis – boldly moving the entire business to the community centre to ensure those crucial orders get out on time.

7. Alina’s modern slavery ordeal (Coronation Street)

Seb Franklin visits Alina Pop in Coronation Street


The 2017 factory revenge storyline isn’t the only Eva-related story that has been repeated recently.Corrieis currently in the early stages of exploringa modern slavery storylinewith Alina Pop, with future episodes due to reveal that she was brought into the country as part of an Eastern European human trafficking ring.

Show bosses have rightly highlighted this issue as a hidden scandal in the UK that deserves attention, so there’s no complaint from us over it being explored again.

If Alina’s boyfriend Seb needs some help with sorting out the problem though, he may want to give Eva a call in France and rope in Billy the Vicar too. In 2016, they did admirably deal with a similar situation involving guest character Marta, who was being forced to work as a slave for two Underworld clients.

As Marta’s storyline was slightly blink-and-you’ll-miss-it at the time, it seemsCorriewill be more respectful by giving the plot stronger screen time this time around. The storyliners have also been taking their time with it, crafting a subtle build-up since Alina’s first scenes aired in April.

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