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First DJ set in space: The weirdest clubbing locations – BBC News

First DJ set in space: The weirdest clubbing locations – BBC News

14 August 2019 NEWS

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Media captionItalian astronaut Luca Parmitano played a DJ set from space to clubbers on Earth

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano has become the first person to DJ in space.

No not the nightclub in Ibiza, we mean actual outer space.

Hecarried out a seton board the International Space Station on Tuesday night, which was streamed to a cruise ship of clubbers in the Mediterranean sea.

To mark the out of this world occasion we thought we’d look back at the DJs who have also performed in places you might not expect.

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Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold are the only DJs to have played at Stonehenge. The prehistoric monument in Wiltshire provided an epic backdrop for the intimate crowd of around 50 people last year, and it had a positive message too.

The DJs said the location was a way of bringing awareness to young people about the history of the countryside and some of its treasured landmarks.

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Everest base camp

Paul Oakenfold smashed it again by DJing at Mount Everest’s base camp, performing a set at 5,380 metres.

He braved the altitude and freezing temperatures to give around 100 climbers and trekkers a party which he said was a bit different to the usual beach parties he plays at!

This time he also had an educational aim, to draw attention to global warming.

The Great Wall of China

Nina Kraviz played a sunrise set to ravers at the 5,500 mile long fortification, making headlines in the techno world.

She was one of the first women to become a headline act and after the gig said that she really thrives on challenges.

Eiffel Tower

From the symbol of China to the symbol of France, Nina Kraviz knows her iconic landmarks.

The Eiffel Tower’s own account even tweeted: “two iron ladies reunited.”

Zero Gravity

DJ Le Shuuk knows a thing or two about performing in strange conditions after he played a set in zero gravity last year.

A DJ booth was set up in a specially converted A310 and was supposed to mimic as close as possible to the real space experience.

Le Shuuk was also responsible for training Parmitano up ahead of his space set on Tuesday.

The Pyramids

Trance DJs Aly and Fila played under one of the most famous backdrops, the Egyptian pyramids. It made sense given that the duo are from Eygpt, so it was like going back to their ancestors.

LA streets

DJ Steve Aoki got the permission of the City Mayor to throw a free street party in Los Angeles for his fans.

It took place on a closed street in downtown LA, and was a party to celebrate the launch of his second studio album ‘Neon Future II’.

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