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The Boys: Major storylines we could see in season 2 – digitalspy.com

The Boys: Major storylines we could see in season 2 – digitalspy.com

14 August 2019 NEWS

Note: This article contains big spoilers forThe Boysseason one andThe Boyscomics.

The Boysisn’t exactly your regular superhero show. Gone are the usual heroics and in their place are more anal bombs and dolphin sex talk than you’ll ever find in traditional alternatives from Marvel or DC.

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, the season one finale also droppeda wild cliffhangerthat changed everything we thought we knew aboutThe Boysup to that point.

The pressure is on then for season two to deliver, and while showrunnerEric Kripkehas already discussed plans to answer each question raised at the end of season one, there are plenty more storylines we could also see lifted from the original comics – and they’re even more messed up than anything we’ve seen so far.

Yes, even more than that death by cunnilingus.

Join us here atDigital Spyas we burn our way through the comics faster than Homelander’s heat vision and predict what’s next forThe Boysin season two.

The Horny Boys

The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

In the pilot episode, Hughie is brought to a superhero sex club where people fly naked in the air and one incredibly tiny man dives headfirst into love – quite literally.

Bizarrely enough, those aren’t even the strangest things the writing team planned to feature in this scene.

Speaking toEW, Kripke revealed that his wish list also included “an ice man having sex with a woman doggy-style when she’s wearing a fur coat”. Budgetary restrictions held the team back from showing this, but the showrunner is keen to include some chilling sex in season two.

Just don’t expect this unusual sex scene to appear as part of the now-infamous ‘Herogasm’ story. In a recentReddit post, Kripke promised that this story – where The Boys infiltrate Vought’s weekend-long orgy – will play a role in season 3, instead of season two.

“We JUST figured out how to do Herogasm!! It’ll come in Season 3 maybe (if we get picked up for Season 3),” he said. “I’ve really wanted to do it, but needed to figure out our twist on it, so it’s not just an hour of hardcore porn. But I think we got it!! Super excited about that.”

The Super Boys

The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

The drug Compound V lies at the heart of every messed up thing that happens in season one ofThe Boys. In fact, the entire existence of superheroes can be traced back to this substance which the Vought company used to create super powers in the first place.

Naturally then, The Boys themselves oppose the use of this drug in season one, but now that Billy’s world has been turned upside down yet again by Homelander, he might try to level the playing field by using Compound V on himself and his fellow team-mates.

Something similar happens in the comics when Butcher sneaks up behind Hughie at one point and injects him with the drug. By giving him powers without his permission, Billy transforms Hughie into what he hates the most – something which would be fascinating to see play out on the show.

The Undead Boys

The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

The one super power all heroes seem to share is the ability to cheat death, so it should come as no surprise thatThe Boysmight touch upon this in season two as well.

However, while vigilantes are usually brought back via magical means or surprising plot twists, the Vought heroes are literally resurrected in the comics as zombies using Compound V. An unfortunate side effect of this is that the people who return come back with extreme mental impairments.

If Kripke and co introduce this plotline into the show, then characters long thought dead could make a ghoulish comeback in season two – but don’t hold your breath for Translucent’s return. It would take months to find all of the pieces.

The Canine Boys

The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

One character who we know will appear for certain in the future is Terror, Billy’s loyal dog. Previously, we’ve only seen Butcher’s best buddy in a flashback, but Kripke confirmed toEWthat the dog will star in an upcoming episode of season two.

So far, so cute, but as fans of the comic might already know, Terror ends up dying at the hands of a supe called Jack from Jupiter, inspiring Billy to butcher even more superheroes out of grief. Given that the bulldog is only set to appear in one episode, it’s likely that a similar fate could befall this good boy on screen too.

ImagineMarley and Me, but with a lot more death and exploding body parts.

The Soldier Boys

The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

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The Boyshasn’t touched upon the historical legacy of superheroes on the show just yet, but in the comics, people have been fighting with powers as far back as World War II and it looks like season two will start exploring this as well.

Among the most successful heroes from this time period is Stormfront, a fascist cross between Marvel’s Thor and DC’s Shazam. So far, this character is the only new addition to season two that’s been officially confirmed, and interestingly enough, the writers have gender-swapped the role by casting Aya Cash fromYou’re the Worst.

Introducing Stormfront in season two could easily lead to flashbacks which explore the history of superheroes and the Vought Corporation, expanding the mythology ofThe Boyswhile giving them the chance to kill a bunch of Nazis while they’re at it too. Given how controversial this show is, don’t be surprised if we meet Hitler himself somewhere down the line.

The Boysseason 1 is now available onAmazon Prime Video. Season 2 is expected to arrive in 2020.

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