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Peaky Blinders’ Linda Shelby on whether she’ll return in season 6 – digitalspy.com

Peaky Blinders’ Linda Shelby on whether she’ll return in season 6 – digitalspy.com

16 September 2019 NEWS

Note: This article contains spoilers forPeaky Blindersseason 5, episode 5.

Peaky Blinders, episode 5 resolvedlast week’s massive cliffhanger, which saw Linda Shelby (Kate Phillips) shot by Polly after threatening to kill Arthur.

While Linda survives, she later races away from the Shelby family. But is it for good?

After being saved by Tommy and Polly – thanks to some quick dining room surgery and something very strong from Aunty Pol’s purse – Linda tells Arthur shooting him “would’ve been a kindness”, reflecting Arthur and Tommy’s own mantra from the start of the season.

We see Linda drive off from Tommy’s house, albeit nursing a bullet wound, while Arthur forlornly watches her leave.

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Now, Kate Phillips has spoken exclusively toDigital Spyabout the moment she got the script with the shocking twist.

She said: “I got one [script] before and then I had to wait a little bit to find out what actually happened. I was told in good faith that I wouldn’t be out of the picture, but you never know.

“This is the kind of drama where it’s exciting, anyone could go. I wouldn’t have been surprised at the end of the day if they had killed me off either. It’s great to still be there. We’re scared for our lives.”

Peaky Blinders season 5

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But could Linda reconcile with Arthur? They still share a son together after all, and we can’t imagine Arthur Shelby to be the sort of man to quietly accept a divorce.

Kate added: “Who knows? I can only hope so. I definitely felt like there’s a lot of unfinished business there. They share a child together, there’s definitely no chance Arthur would let Linda get away with Billy, so they’re tied together, with the family connection, and obviously family is a big connection inPeaky Blinders.

“I’d like to think she’s going to be around and maybe there might be some reconciliation to have, but also you know her fury is pretty palpable by the end of episode 5. But also like it does beg the question – how do you come back from trying to kill your husband?”

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Kate Phillips has been working on theDownton Abbeymovie, along with TV showsThe English GameandMiss Scarlet and the Duke. However, she did discuss what she’d like to see from a potential return by Linda.

She explained: “What I’d love to be able to play, if I was being asked, is Linda and Tommy. There was a scene that I got to shoot in episode 4. But seeing Linda kind of handle him is really exciting, and I’d like to have a little showdown with him if that was possible.”

It looks like Tommy might have enough on his plate with the uneasy truce with the Billy Boys, his attempts to topplefar-right politician Oswald Mosley(Sam Clafin), as well asMichael Gray potentially trying to take over the business.

Head this way to read more about what we know ofPeaky Blindersseason 6, along with everything the cast – including Kate – have said about the potentialPeaky Blindersmovie.

Peaky Blindersseason 5 airs on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

Obsessed With… Peaky Blinders,the show’s official podcast –hosted by Digital Spy’s Editor, Laurence Mozafari – is out now and available to listen to on BBC Sounds.

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