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Tributes paid after BBC News journalist Hanna Yusuf dies aged 27 – AOL UK

1 October 2019 NEWS

Tributes are pouring in after BBC journalist Hanna Yusuf passed away at the age of 27.

Her family said in a statement on Monday that she died ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’.

They said: “Hanna was a dedicated young vibrant professional who became a bridge between the media and the community, helping break boundaries in providing a voice and representation.

“Many will know Hanna for her incredible contributions to journalism and for her work at the BBC.

“While we mourn her loss, we hope that Hanna’s legacy will serve as an inspiration and beacon to her fellow colleagues and to her community and her meaningful memory and the people she has touched for many years lives on.”

Hannanotably covered Shamima Begum and Costa Coffee.

Fran Unsworth, the BBC’s director of news, said: “This is terrible news that has left us all deeply saddened. Hanna Yusuf was a talented young journalist who was widely admired across the BBC and our utmost sympathies go to her family and many friends. Hanna will be much missed.

Editorial director of BBC News Kamal Ahmed commented: “Today @BBCNews is in mourning after one of our brightest stars died. @HannaAYusuf was sharp, witty and allowed us all to understand the important stuff a little better. We will remember Hanna by learning from her remarkable work.”

Hanna’s colleague Sophia Smith Galer said: “We have lost a fierce friend and a force for truth and light which stretched far beyond her journalism to the many lives she touched here at the BBC and beyond.”

Broadcaster Lauren Laverne, who once worked with Hanna, added: “Absolutely heartbroken by this news. Hanna always shone – she was gentle and kind, clever and hardworking. It was a joy watching her career take off after she started out with us at The Pool years ago. My heart goes out to her family and friends.”

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